Monday, April 4, 2011

College Entrance Essay

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Gucci, Prada, Tommy, Nautica, Polo, Benzes and Lexus are all the things that you need to be role models for the youth of today in America; not brains but beauty, not values or morals but valued. Today in America there aren’t many positive role models for the youth known as Generation X. Role models for today’s youth consists of rappers, actors/actresses, and even the young man who hangs out on the street corner all day and sells drugs. Everyone predicted that this generation of youth would be doomed with the exception of few; thanks to Mrs. Rosa Gibbings, my teacher, an significant positive influence and role model in my life I am one of the exceptional few.

First, Mrs. R. Gibbings was my second and third grade teacher, she was supposed to retire but agreed that she would stay if she could teach her second grade class in third grade. I still see her and get advice from her today. She helped shape and mold me into the positive, responsible, and confident individual I am today. She would praise my work and tell me what I could do to make it better. She always challenged me and never let me take the easy route. She saw the intelligence and dug deep to get the best out of me at every thing I did; she helped build the determination to succeed attitude that I carry today.

Another way Mrs. Gibbings influenced me was with her disciplinary tactics. She let me know that it was all right to have fun and goof around but at certain times and places. She also made me fell that it was all right not to have millions of dollars and still be proud and confidant. Also she taught me to never put anyone else down or laugh at their ignorance to certain things but to teach them and help them to be better. She taught me to take the positive things in my environment and use them and stay away from the negative and learn from all my mistakes. She took no mess from anyone and always pushed me to be my best.

To conclude, yes there are many negative role models and influences in many people’s lives but I am happy that Mrs. Rosa Gibbings took it upon herself to lead me and guide me onto the right path. She built up the confidence I have in my self and made me the successful and determined individual I am today; even my parents have said that without her I wouldn’t be the driven and responsible person I am today. I know she has gratefully influenced me to be a better person.

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