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Community Service

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A community service in my high school is considered compulsory for everyone who wishes to complete the IB (International Baccalaureate). It is an activity that has to be done in 50 hours of the final years of the IB course. Before I go on to the main story, I would like to start by telling a short snapshot of my traveled life; I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 5. I lived there for about 10 years then my family moved again to Singapore. These movements were due to my dad’s job as a manager for Singapore Airlines. In Singapore, I was enrolled in an international school called UWC of South East Asia.

The IB course offers a wide range of community service, from taking care of mentally handicapped children, to dealing with old folks. And students can choose any service that interest them the most, in this case I chose on dealing with old people. The reason for this is because I wanted to learn how to take care the old, so when my parents get old I would know how to treat them.

There are numerous of old folks’ homes in Singapore, and it is not possible for me to visit each of them due to lack of time and transportation problem. Thus the IB assigned me to go to ST. Joseph’s home every Monday after school. At first I didn’t like the activity, because the place gave out bad odor and the atmosphere was so depressing. But the feeling changed when I met an old guy by the name of John Edwards, John is an ex British soldier who got captured by the Japanese and for some reason had to stay in Singapore till now. John lost all his friends during the war, and he never found out what happened to his family back in England. He would tell all the sad war stories and his experienced as a soldier. Our conversation varied from the hottest news to personal things, like school, friends and families. We would also play chest and Chinese poker, if we didn’t have anything interesting to talk about.

I’ve learned many things from my 50 hours visit at St. Joseph. Now I’m more appreciative towards the elderly, because they have been to so many bitter experiences and for some reason they still have a desire to carry on. I also learnt that their generations are much stronger than mine, this is due to the pain and hardship they have been through and these old folks have survived those. Also from the visit I admire their courage, honesty, and strong will to live in this crazy world.

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