Monday, April 11, 2011

David's Empty House

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I opened my eyes expecting the find myself in my own bed but what I saw was not my room, it was not even my house. I looked around and tried to recognize the room but nothing I saw even stirred my memory. My eyes were still quite blurry from sleep and I tried to wipe it away. Upon observing the room more clearly, my heart began to pounce wildly with sheer and utter fear. All around the daunting room were hideous mannequins with chains and blades sticking through them. Countless pairs of rusty handcuffs lay scattered on the wooden floor along with melted videotapes and newspaper clippings. I know many people have declared my crazy in the past, but I swear this is happening. I slowly rose from my position and roused myself onto my feet. I glanced around the timid room quietly as I noticed moving shadows from underneath the door. I stood there, paralyzed in absolute fear. My mind was spinning, I felt my knees were about to give out. All these shadows and unknown movements, am I truly insane?

Then I heard a soft but pained moan coming from the shadowy corner of the room. A woman whom I slightly recognized, perhaps once attractive, but now old and limp with pale white hair and two amputated stumps for arms said to me “You can hurt my in any way just like your daddy does”. My father? This could never be, for my father is perfect. He would never cause harm to anyone.

Too confused and afraid to respond, I turned my attention back to the shadowy figure standing behind the closed door. “What is it?” I managed in a calm voice. The decrepit old woman said nothing and only giggled in an eerie way. I started towards the door knowing I was not ready for whatever was behind it, but I was well aware that if I did not open the door, whatever it was would soon come in on its own…whatever it was.

I reached forward, the fear nearly paralyzing and keeping me from reaching the door. I gripped the knob and turned it ever so slowly. I jerked the door quickly towards myself and looked across the dimly lit hallway to a table that was sitting near the stairway. Relieved that the shadows I seen from beneath the door were merely the light coming from behind the large table, I let out a large sigh.

As I started to walk down the hallway I noticed that the walls were lined with expensive paintings of exotic sexual fantasies outlined it what looked to be pure gold. I continued down the hallway and looked out the window to see a cab sitting out front. This is my chance to finally prove to finally prove to myself that I am not crazy. Maybe this person, whomever drives that cab, will declare me rational, and will see what I am seeing. I then made my way to the front door and out to the car. As I cautiously walked up to the car I noticed it was running and reached for the hood of the car. “If someone had just started it, it wouldn’t be warm yet” I murmured to myself. As I touched the hood, I heard a sound behind coming from behind me. My mind raced and my stomach grew nervous. I made a quick glance to only realize that this was no ordinary cab, because that was no ordinary person. In fact, that was not a person at all, but another disfigured woman screaming out vulgarities about my father, whom is perfect. I realized then that I needed to make a run for it.

I looked around to survey my situation. To his left was the house - and I didn't really want to go back inside. To my right was the long driveway - I knew I didnt have time to run all that way. Past the car, I saw a small building - looked like some type of greenhouse. Behind me was a path leading into the woods. I would be a fool to take the path - the disfigured lady was coming from that direction. With haste I made the only decision I could.

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