Thursday, April 21, 2011

Explicit Lyrics

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Should Music with Explicit Lyrics be Banned? Compact discs sold in music stores clearly have an explicit lyrics label on the front cover. Explicit lyrics should not be banned because rap artists today use profanity to express themselves, sometimes artist take everyday life situations and make songs out of them, and its up to the buyer if he or she wants to buy the cd with explicit lyrics. It does not promote violence and without explicit lyrics in today’s music it would be boring.

Profanity is used on a everyday basic from people around the world. There is no reason to ban this kind of music because it is also used in television. Everybody that watches television would know that profanity is used and sometimes goes to far. So if music be banned for profanity television would have to be edited as well. Many people would like that. That’s what makes a song unique from the other.

Music with Explicit lyrics does not promote violence. Many people want to ban explicit lyrics because they say it promotes violence. When people do violent things its not because of music with bad language or what the song may say. When someone commits a crime like rape, murder, or even suicide. It wouldn’t be because a certain song said that they murdered or raped someone. It’s the person doing the crime not the song. The person should know right from wrong and knows what he is doing and should have more control of the actions being done.

Music is very important to many people theses days. People should have the right to listen to what ever they wish. If certain people would not prefer to listen to music to this type of music she shouldn’t buy it or turn the radio down if they think its not appropriate. Many CDs with explicit lyrics now have a nice big stick on the front cover saying Explicit lyrics. So if the buyer doesn’t want to hear that kind of music they know not to buy it because it has the explicit label on it. Music Company’s now sell two different cds one would have explicit lyrics and the other would be edited. So if a parent would want to buy their child a cd and that certain cd would have explicit lyrics. They have a choice to get the edited version of the cd and not worry about the child listening to Explicit Lyrics.

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