Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Families Should Attempt To Live Without Television

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Television is a major part of our everyday lives. A lot of today’s society uses television as a form of entertainment. People, I believe, spend more time watching television than spending time with their families. I think this has become a huge problem in a lot of family households. Television sometimes takes the place of spending time with family members, it influences children, teens, and parents, and it also sometimes takes the place of everyday tasks.

Families should spend more time communicating with one another rather than watching television. Now a day’s parents use television as a substitution for spending quality time with their children. Parents are now not interacting with their children, they are letting their children watch television rather than being apart their child’s life. For example, a friend of mine has a little boy, rather than having him cry and her trying to fix his problem and help him, she puts him to watch cartoons. This is not a very good source of communication. Then parents become worried and wonder why their child lies to them, does not express his/her feelings, and/or simply ignores them. I think children would have a better sense of direction if the parent would take part in his/her life. Television has taken over that. It has giving children a way to forget about things and become empty. Therefore, families should attempt to live without television.

Today television has a sort of influential approach on all types of people. Lets start off with children… Certain television programs have bad content. All though they warn us about it, parents still let their children watch it. Some television programs have bad language, sex, and drugs. This is not appropriate for any child to see. If a child watches a show with inappropriate language, he/she will try to repeat what the heard. Television also influences today’s teens. For example, the Columbine shooting, those teens might have seen a movie having to have dealt with what they did. They may have wanted to reenact what they saw. Teens also see commercials that promote cigarettes, alcohol, and many other drugs. Maybe that is why so many of our teen’s today smoke, drink, or have a substance abuse. Television also influences our parents with commercials, bad content programs, and many other forms of influence. Everytime my mother sees a new type of coffee on the market she has to go out and try it. I can honestly say, she is addicted to coffee, due to all the commercial that promote coffee. Therefore, television has an effect on everyone.

Television also can get in the way of many everyday tasks. For instance, lets say you are about to go do something and you see your favorite show about to come on, you sit down and begin to watch it. When the show is done you have completely forgotten about what you had to do. This has happened to me a numerous of times. Sometimes television gets in the way of a lot of things. Television can sometimes get in the way of homework, housework, and other outside types of work such as community service, charity, ect. It can cause us to forget about what we should do and we have to do. It can hurt us physically and emotionally.

In conclusion, this essay has giving me a new perspective on television. I know it can take the place of a lot of things that mean a lot to me, especially my family. It would be a great idea to not have a television set in your home, that way you and your family have a better sense of direction and a better way of viewing life together.

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