Monday, April 11, 2011

Mitigating Circumstances

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Mitigating Circumstances, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg gives an in depth look into the life of a modern day woman, showing her triumphs and tribulations. Lily Forrester had a successful career as a District Attorney with a husband and a beautiful daughter. Her world appeared complete, with exception of her failing marriage. Lingering in the back of her mind throughout the entire novel is the incest she survived as a child. After a hard day of work, Lily went out for a few drinks, meeting up with a handsome co-worker, Richard Fowler. Although her husband had accused her of cheating several times, he was never correct in his accusations, not until now of course. Lily and Richard had a love affair, and when her husband found out, he insisted that she move out.

Her relationship with her daughter Shana was already struggling, and this only made things worse. When Shana came to visit Lily at her new house, she was bombarded with new clothes and furniture. Lily tried to patch their relationship by buying her new things. But, the first night Shana stayed at her mothers new house, they two women were attacked, and brutally raped. Lily made a life altering decision that night, she recognized the man who had raped her precious baby, or so she thought. She sought out the man, who she recognized as Bobby Hernandez, someone she had tried to prosecute on the kidnapping and rape of a prostitute. Lily searched him out and shot him, in cold blood.

From there, Lily’s life was on a shame spiral. He relationship with Richard was interrupted by the chaos surrounding the Hernandez murder. Shana had grown up so quickly because of the rape, and Lily was worried that she might never again act like a child. Her husband had blamed the entire rape on Lily. Worst of all, Bruce Cunningham, and incredible detective, was working on the Hernandez murder case, and would surely find out that Lily had done it.

Quickly, the story unfolds, revealing just how much Lily’s suffering as a child has impacted her life as an adult. By the end of the story, Cunningham, has figured out that Lily committed the murder, but with the only eyewitness dead, decided to forget that he ever discovered this. Lily admitted to Cunningham, Richard and most importantly to herself, of her faults, and moved on with her life. She reestablished a relationship with Shana, and Richard Fowler (as friends) and got her life back on track. Lily got a new job and a new self-assurance, one that no form of incest would ever hold hostage again.

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