Friday, April 29, 2011

The One

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Can't you see?

I feel the sense of security in your loving arms,

Being protected, but all it needs- is your love,

I need your love, your care, and attention.

Guys...who understands them? says

If you would only give me a chance,

My love, I can show you a new world,

Flourishing your life with colors that disappeared

When you are in need.

I want to be the one for you,

The one to listen to you - day or night,

To share your lows and your highs.

Why is it when I can offer you so much love,

You cannot do the same?

What must I do to make you see that I am for real?

That I want to be the one to bless your world.

Each new day on this land,

I try to be happy.

There are times I am successful,

Yet I fail more than I succeed.

Guess Im just a girl,

Confused in my surroundings,

Searching for an answer to the pain I bear deep within.

Life goes on no matter what,

But I sit here helpless,

Knowing you have moved on,

Trying with all your might to be happy

The love we shared lives in our hearts through eternity,

Memories will forever live in our life.

No wind, no storm will take away this love that once lived.

Once again, under the velvet blue sky,

My mind is weighing with thoughts of you,

The irritating feeling of missing the one I love,

The craving of hearing your voice, your touch, your kiss

Brings back images of the old times.

These memories I try with all determination to overcome,

Thinking only of the future ahead,

But deep deep down the truth remains.

That is to say you loved me for who I am with sincerity and true love,

This I cannot, with all attempt erase

While I was in love, we met.

I remember our first words were of computers & cigarettes

Funny it was, we didnt exchange names.

Every frequent hellos we said from then,

The more attracted I get to you.

Days went by,

Many things changed.

No longer attached am I,

My mind came to realise

My heart is now set on you.

Happy laughters, I laughed,

Glowing smiles, I smiled,

Nervous heart-beat, my heart beated.

All of which I carry in me when I see you.

Watching you laugh

Just makes me wanna laugh.

The fun we shared,

The talks we had

Through short sleepless nights

Only brings back happy memories.

Guys...who understands them? says

Now you've left.

Each day, memories replay in my mind.

Each time I walk the path of the beginning,

My mind casts back to the frequent hellos.

Never did I realise,

What layed ahead.

All that can be done now is nothing.

Patience and fate will be the key to the future.

Perhaps, fate will makes its way to destiny one day.

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