Friday, May 13, 2011

Drama Reviews

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Out To Lunch

Out To Lunch was a performance presenting a satirical look at Australian political leadership. The four boys interacted with each other well creating different scenes using their body and voice. An example of this was the beginning when each became a part of a plane and made noises creating the atmosphere and sounds of a plane. Their vocal projection, clarity and timing were all outstanding with jokes coming off well. It was a solid performance and an easy story line to follow, however the performance did waver in some scenes when it went off the main theme a bit. The boys showed good understanding of dramatic skills in creating a character using voices to imitate high profile people of Australian leadership. Research was evident with the good knowledge of the events they portrayed. The boys worked well as a group, each having equal roles throughout and balancing it well. The use of levels was good as was the use of the performance area. This was a very humorous performance that took a look at the lighter side of many serious political problems of recent times and questioned the leadership of the Australian government. It was a solid performance, however suffered a little with some rushed lines and a few moments where momentum was lost when it wavered from the theme.

Perfect Imperfections

This performance focused on four housewives conforming to the view of what a good housewife should be in the 1950’s. Each of the characters were dressed the same to show the lack of individuality, however glimpses of individuality could be seen in each of the characters as they struggled to be the perfect housewife.

The storyline in this play was good with a sudden twist at the end creating a deeper meaning and an insight into what was really going on inside the characters heads. The performance area was well used with the whole stage becoming a part of the play. Characterisation was good with each having their little quirks that made them different. Vocal projection was good, however some lines could not be heard because of the difference in performance area as the original place it took place. With a larger audience it was harder for the girls to judge the jokes. The interaction was good with chorused lines being delivered clearly and simultaneously. The audience was entertained as well as made to think with contrast and focus changing throughout. Different elements of Drama were addressed with evidence of movement and voice creating atmosphere.

The performance was enhanced with the girl’s ability to sustain similar, but subtly different characters. The performance also benefited from the twist in the story. Without the twist it would have been a bit repetitive and lost some of the audiences attention. Was a great group performance, but may have benefited from more depth in the story.


Cloudstreet was an individual performance devised from the novel ‘Cloudstreet’ by Tim Winton. Lucy McGirr makes the character of Dolly Pickles come alive. Her ability to sustain the voice of an aged and alcohol-damaged woman was astounding. The use of the stage was good with movement all around the performance area. Her pace and delivery were excellent and very clear. Her story was very easy to follow and made very realistic. The way Lucy acted out the recount of Dolly’s ordeal at the beach was very believable and realistic. The audience was held all the way throughout this performance with Lucy’s portrayal of this alcoholic, chain smoking character. It was a very focused performance, which thrived on Lucy’s ability to create a believable character using different performance elements such as movement. For example, her staggering imitating drunkenness. This was a brilliant performance, which brought the character from Cloudstreet alive. The story was easy to follow for anyone. Even those who had not read ‘Cloudstreet.’ Although the story was not original Lucy made it her own with the portrayal of Dolly Pickles.

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