Saturday, May 7, 2011


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Update on Relations with NGOs

In the intervening months since our last meeting, several developments have taken place concerning the public reception of NGOs and their relationship with government, international organizations and business.

Following increased security concerns and a feeling of vulnerability in the US to terrorist disruption, it has become extremely unpopular to tolerate excessive demonstrations by violent anti-capitalist/anti-globalization NGOs. This is not to say that demonstrations are prohibited or that they do not take place. It is the tolerance level for noise and violence that has diminished. Such demonstrations are not taken seriously and there is a decided reluctance everywhere to accept violence anymore.

ICC has continued in every possible venue to advocate responsibility, accountability and transparency in NGO activities and public behaviour. We have seen some positive results beginning to permeate international events.

For instance in Johannesburg there was definitely a general reaction of dismissal for exaggerated NGO behaviour, whereas responsible business representatives very much took over visibility and the outcome.

But there has also been at the same time a proactive approach by business to assess, individually and selectively, those NGOs with which they were entering into discussion and even partnership projects.

Although occasionally there are some lapses in this respect, the overall impact in Johannesburg was extremely positive. For instance, ICC was responsible for putting together a Virtual Exhibition which ended up being one of the most important aspects of the Summit. Many NGOs took part in a responsible and cooperative manner.

The problems involved for international organizations to differentiate among NGOs, if at all possible, has been brought to their attention continuously by myself and colleagues throughout the year. It has resulted in several new dearches as noted below.

Increasingly there is a categorization that I hear more and more in international organizations, separating business, trade unions, NGOs, civil society. In fact, for an upcoming summit (WSIS) there was an entire official discussion devoted to differentiating of civil society and NGOs. Several governments were somewhat sceptical about the way NGOs self-categorize their activities as pertinent to the Summit.

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