Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aisan Gang in the US

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I went to Daniel Recital Hall at California State University, Long Beach for World Percussion Concert. We use the recital hall as our music class room twice a week, so it was a familiar place. The program had two parts; the first part was played by CSULB Steel Drum Orchestra, and the second part was traditional West African music and traditional Brazilian music played by CSULB World Percussion Group. The event was directed by Dr. Michael Carney who is my music professor. In his class, we had studied Caribbean music, which steel drums are mainly played in, West African music, which is a root of music, and Brazilian music, which is really energetic. I was so exited about listening to those kinds of music at the concert.

When I entered the recital hall, the place had a totally different atmosphere. I was about five minutes late for the opening, so CSULB Steel Drum Orchestra has already started playing. There were about 50 audiences. The hall was full. Most of audiences were in their 50s or 60s of age and there were also some students from my music class. I sat on the most left seat in the second row. I couldnft really see the back of the stage, but I could see the performersf feet jumping and stepping. I think there were about 10 musicians on the stage. When they were playing, they were making eye contacts to each other, smiling, jumping, and stepping. They looked really happy playing, that made me feels nice and wants to play with them. I thought that achieving one thing with bunch of people, who have in common, was wonderful. After the intermission, traditional West African music and traditional Brazilian music were played alternately by CSULB World Percussion Group. I noticed that every performer was in their bare feet. West African music was played with Gankogui Bells, Axatse, Atsimewu, and etc., which we studied in Dr. Carneyfs class. There were dancers in front of the musicians, Yeko Ladzekpo, who was a dancer from Africa, was leading other dancers in the middle of the stage. It was the first time for me to see African traditional dance before my very eyes. It was very impressive. I could have laughed at or got embarrassed of how they danced; however, I watched quite calmly because performers were really enjoying. There was one dance called Adzogbo, which was a dance associated with a war god, was a really interesting because they pretended battling in the dance. Sounds of Brazilian music were totally different from sounds from steel drums. It was really loud and energetic. Mark Lamson, who was considered to be the top Brazilian percussionist in the United States, played drums really good. He could hit drums really fast and strong with some accents. When the last song was finished, all audiences gave performers a standing ovation. The moment was a moment which everyone in the recital hall became as one.

It was my first concert in last two years. I again realized how music refreshes souls and gives human energy to live. Especially, the sounds of steel drums were healing sounds for me. It was clean and clear. I donft play any music instrument, but I listen to music every day. Listening to music is unavoidable. I mean we live with music. I love music even more than before the concert.

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