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Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the first person to be elected for the highest office of the United States with little formal education. At the age of 16, Jackson joined the Army to fight in the Revolution along with his older brother. Jackson and his brother were captured by the British, and were let go soon after their mother begged for the British to release them. When Jackson was just fourteen years of age, a mad British man struck Jackson in the face with a sword, leaving him with a scar in reminder of his hate and disrespect for the British. Jackson soon went on to practice law in the state of Tennessee, where he later met his wife, Rachel Robards.(The American President Webpage, pg. 1) The two were married in 1971. A little after that they were divorced. He was noticed by many people after he and a couple of volunteer soldiers fought the Native American Tribe. Jackson forced the tribe to surrender million acres of their land. He was then moved to the highest rank and took command of the southern war. There, the British were planning an invasion of Louisiana. Once again Jackson took volunteers to battle. The British lost 171 men and the Americans lost 70. Surely enough, Jackson would soon be President. Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. Jackson lost the election, Adams won. In the next election, Jackson won.

One of Jackson’s biggest problems during his presidency was removing the Native Americans from their homelands in the Southwest to Oklahoma.(The American President Webpage, pg. 1) This was a disaster because thousands of the Cherokee died on the “Trail of Tears”. Jackson also took on the Second Bank of the United States. This fight gave him support throughout the working class, helping him to win the election over Henry Clay in 1978. Jackson represented the Democrats. (, pg.1) The policy helped resolve disputes with the French and the British. In the end of the election, Jackson won 55 percent of the popular vote, and 1 electoral votes. Clay received 4.

Jackson opposed the renewal of the charter of the Second Bank of the United States, because of this his last month’s in office were swarmed by his destruction of the bank. Workers and farmers, who were usually debtors, had no money to pay their debts and went bankrupt. Their lands were taken from them by creditors. Wealth was concerned in the hands of few people.(The American President Webpage, pg. 1) With the wealth came power and that exactly what Jackson had.

Jackson was famous for his kindness and hospitality. Bringing friends, children and family to the White House. He was also known as the common man. President Jackson claimed to the people the he understood their will better the than the Congress.

Jackson’s health became bad after receiving a bullet near his heart. It caused internal bleeding and constant sharp pains. The stress of running for a third term mad him weak. Although, he did continue with state and party affairs. He later returned to his farm” The Hermitage”, and lived an eight year retirement working as a statesman after seeing his vice president Martin Van Buren into the White House. Jackson’s only two missed opportunities was not being able to shoot Henry Clay or hang John. C. Calhoun. Jackson remained in the Democratic Party during his retirement. (, pg.1) Jackson’s death came on June 8, 1845, at the Hermitage, where he was buried beside Rachel. Andrew Jackson will always be remembered as, “The Common Man”.

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