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I adore Krishna (Balaji) but different, Shiv ji he is a complicated God to please. Shiv ji is called Bhola (simple) since he is simply pleased with rituals. Krishna (Balaji) on the other hand does not hit an easy agreement. He desires you to yield completely. Krishna (Balaji) requires your complete love and mind. Balaji is the reincarnation of Lord Shree Krishna. There is only one God in Hinduism which never dies who is Shivji. Consequently everybody discovers Balaji accessible because it is only in this appearance, that Krishna (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) makes deals, as he owes money to Kubera which he has to repay. He will pay attention to you only if you help in relieving the debt that he owes. How did He get into such a financial crunch? Laxmi the Goddess of Wealth had a misunderstanding with her husband and left him!

As Laxmi ji left her husband Lord Balaji was hope and helpless. Balaji Faced a lots of financial and family problems. However Goddess Laxmi ji felt humiliated and insulted, since someone had kicked Lord Vishnu on his chest and the chest of Vishnu is Maha Laxmis abode she left Vaikuntha (Heaven) soon as she found out. As soon as Goddess Laxmi left, all beauty departed with her.

Lord Vishnu could not bear to live in Vaikuntha for a moment longer. He walked through half of the world without food or water. He finally reached the serpentine hills of Shishaadri (A hill in Tirumala). It felt like home. Lord Vishnu found an anthill. He entered a cave-like hole and sat there to meditate. Then the Ma Laxmi came to Balaji and apologized. The minute Ma Laxmi went back to lord Balaji he was a rich God again, and had to problems.

Balajis temple now is in the mountains in Madras, Triumala. Then Balaji promised everybody that whoever visits his temple with no hatred and with a rich soul will be blessed by him and his wife Ma laxmi. Today in his temple trillions and trillions of rupees are offered to Balaji.

People from around the world go there to visit. Many lucky people have seen his eyes open, and it is said that Balaji opens his eyes once a year. Among thousands of people probably one or two are the lucky ones to see his eyes opened clearly. It is said that only people that had never committed a crime or someone who is really obsessed him will see his eyes.

I adore Balaji to much. I visited his temple; it took me days to reach his temple in the train. I believe that if a person visits the temple once, it is impossible for his/her dreams not coming true. If anyone visits Balajis temple once, Balaji will call them two more times. Balaji is only going to be in kaliyuga, which is in the present now.

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