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On what I though would be a normal day, I woke up and looked out of the caravan window. To my surprise the sun was beaming down, not a regular occurrence in Cranfield. I done the usual morning requirements, and went for a run with John.

John is not your average human being, for a start he’s ginger, I don’t have anything against gingers but some people may feel it is a major factor in what happened. As we ran along the beach we decided to go water-skiing on the bay, around 11 a.m. John’s father brought the boat down to the water, and we pushed it into the water. The water was freezing, it tingled the whole way up your back, and made the hairs on the back of your head prickle. There were around 7 Jet Ski’s on the bay and a few boats; many people were out with their nearest and dearest strolling along the dusty sand. As there were so many boats and Jet Ski’s on the bay John’s father sailed over to a bay near Greencastle. I started skiing or tried, I had many weird and wonderful tumbles, most of which acrobats would have doubts about performing. I had one thing pushing me on, determination, because of this passion to be able to ski; I cracked it around pm, I enjoyed the experience of ‘walking on water’ so much they had to drag me from the water. This was around 5 p.m.

As we docked the boat and were hosing it down, John came up with the ‘bright’ idea of canoeing out to the lighthouse in his grandfather’s two-seated canoe. I thought that this was a great idea. Once I had been canoeing before at Killowen outdoor activity centre when I was 10, I loved it but was restricted from going were I wanted to go. This was a great chance to experience total freedom, only John, the open sea and myself. After some light refreshments we set out on the journey that could have ended in disaster. The lighthouse is situated directly in front of the bay, around 100 meters away. As John inspected the current, I looked up and saw John’s father standing in the distance on top of a bank, looking very closely at us. John came back and said that everything seemed very calm and that we should be alright. He also looked up and saw his father glaring at us both. We wondered what on earth was his problem, nothing could go wrong on a small journey to the lighthouse.

While getting into the canoe in the shallow water, we both fell about three times. This should have warned us not to venture out into the murky depths of the sea but, as usual, we did not read the signs and carried on with our small expedition. Everything was going great; we were half way there and nothing had gone wrong, although there were some harsh words said when we drifted slightly to the left. Luckily we got back on course relatively easily. As we carried on rowing, with both our arms aching, we noticed that the very calm water had a hidden secret, the currents were very strong, and the water was swirling round in small circles, around 10 metres apart. At the time we didn’t think that this would be strong enough to affect us in any way. We were wrong! Within a few minutes of seeing these movements, the canoe capsized. This was a laugh to us, and we both blamed each other and thought that we could get back in easily. About 5 metres away there was a buoy, if we swam to it we could get back in. By this stage the canoe was sinking! It was physically and mentally difficult trying to hold it above the water line, but somehow we did. As long as we could reach the buoy we would be fine, even though our bodies were physically tired our mental determination blocked the pain out.

We both swam as hard as we could. The buoy seemed to be getting closer. For around five minutes neither of us looked towards the buoy, we just concentrated on getting to it. Finally I looked towards were the buoy should have been and my heart dropped. Not only were we around three hundred metres away from it, but we had drifted into what is known as the ‘Barr’. This is where the haulage ferries travel across to get to the dock in Warrenpoint.

The water was extremely cold, it was nearly pitch black, and we were alone, in the middle of the sea, no one to help us, no one to hear our cries, just fate and us. Although many people would have broken down into tears at this stage, we did not. Our first thoughts were to get back into the shore, the closest land to us was rocks around three to four hundred metres away, this is where we directed our energies to reaching. Swimming while holding on to the canoe was getting us no where, we had to make a decision ditch the canoe and have very little chance of being found or try to get into it and then, at least we could paddle to shore or we would have been easily found. The decision was simple when the facts we laid out in front of us, the only chance of survival was to try and get back in. I made the decision that only one of us should get in, as the other could hold the canoe. If we both tried to get in then we could have lost the canoe. I held the canoe and John clambered in, this took several attempts, as the current and winds were picking up. Finally he got in, our moral picked up. There was light at the end of the tunnel. I held onto the tail of the canoe and kicked my legs furiously while John used all his might to paddle. The current was too strong, we weren’t moving at all, I thought that if I let the canoe go and John paddled on then I could swim to him. I thought I could do this easily as I have many swimming medals; this was a much tougher task than I ever could have imagined. For a start, as soon as I let go John took off like the ‘hammers’, he was quite a distance away, he couldn’t hear me as the wind was too strong, I had to swim against the current to reach him, this was daunting for me, thankfully John looked round and seen me struggling to keep up with him, I reached the canoe and grabbed it and held it as tight as I could, there was a great feeling of relief rushing through my body.

The situation was now getting very dangerous, light was limited and no one knew what had happened, the only option was to keep swimming, both of us were exhausted but we had to struggle on. Then in the distance we could hear a Jet Ski coming straight for us, we were saved! It is very hard to describe the feelings going through my body at that time. Words could not describe them. A man and his son were on the Jet Ski, Johns father had noticed that we weren’t on course and seen that we were in distress, Melvin the man on the Jet Ski seemed to know quite a bit about canoeing, and using his Jet Ski as a stabiliser we managed to clamber into the canoe on the fourth attempt, the feeling of pleasure to get out of the water was unbelievable. To our shock and horror, he left us and went back to shore to tell Johns father we where fine, my heart dropped, there we were in the middle of the sea, at night, in the line of the ships, alone again. We had to paddle our way to shore, which was getting further away every second, as we paddled, putting all our energy into every stroke we noticed that instead of moving forward we were moving backwards! Mentally this was very painful; all our energy was going into moving forward and yet we were moving backwards.

All hope of reaching shore was given up, it was pointless, and so we stopped and waited to see how things would turn out. Near Sandylands Caravan Park we could see what looked like a blue torch, some one looked to be having a party on the beach, meanwhile on the shore we could see a bonfire being lit, and fireworks were being rocketed into the midnight sky. While we were out in the cold, alone and tired, people were having parties and a good time.

Moral was at an all time low, our fait seemed to be out of our hands, until the blue light started to appear closer and closer was it another buoy? Was it a light? Was it help? we did not know, those few seconds seemed like hours, wondering was this our rescue. As the light became closer the outline of a boat became clear, this was it, we were saved, it was the coastguard. Inside the boat was a crew of three, weird and wonderful men, the closer they got the more the tension grew, we didn’t know if we were in trouble or not, but the reassuring faces of the crew put those thoughts out of our minds. As they were beside us, two of the crew were ‘killing’ themselves laughing, they could believe anyone would be so stupid to go out late at night, we soon told them that we had been in the murky waters for around hours, we struggled to get into the boat but finally found the energy to do so, again I can’t explain the thoughts that were jumbling around in my head. While on our way to the shore, the boat seemed to get ‘beached’ in the middle of the bay, this was a mystery to the driver, as on his readings it said that the depth should be 65 feet, one of the crewmen said ‘fk this’ and jumped overboard, luckily we had hit a small reef and the boat got caught, John being his usual ‘bright’ self said, ‘Oh aye I should have remembered about that reef’, some of the crew thought that this was hilarious, but not the driver as his boat could have been damaged. We arrived on the beach carrying the canoe, out of nowhere crowds of people flowed onto the beach asking questions and wondering what had happened. We were not amused by this, as we were giving our details to a lifeguard on the beach, as soon as we gave our details, we decided it would be best to get very quickly off the beach, while on the way to Johns caravan masses of people, thinking they knew us followed us, but some harsh words soon solved that problem.

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