Friday, June 17, 2011

Dean Coleman

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Everybody has chilling when they hear his name. He is young, handsome and full of interesting ides for life. He success in music business and his famous grows day by day. As a dj and music producer he surprises people all over the word. Dean Coleman is the one of the most talented and gifted persons that I have ever met. It is not just a music that he plays but also a personality and charm that make him so special.

It is raining day. It is Thursday, April 11th, 2000. I am driving in the car in Atlanta (USA). We supposed to meet. I am kind of nervous. I parked my car and introduced myself in the reception. I was told that Dean would come for me in the second. After a while I saw a toll guy coming after me and smiling nicely. He wore navy jeans and dark t-shirt. It was Dean Coleman but he looked totally different than on the pictures. He looked better.

He lives in a little apartment in Atlanta. The apartment has an amazing atmosphere. All the walls are painted in the different color what makes the place exceptionally. He has their candles and little studio. That is everything I supposed, what dj can dream about, a little piece of his world.

Dean was born in North Carolina. He had a wonderful childhood with his parents and older sister. His father lives with his wife in Chapel Hill. Dean’s older sister is a beautiful and successful dentist. He told me that he is very proud of her success and so she is of his little brother.

Dean’ s parents live still in Chapel Hill (NC) and Dean is visiting them often. He calls his mom every second day and miss home. He came to Atlanta in 1997 looking for success. Before that he was learning and experimenting how to play good music as a local dj. He played at the parties in College. Then he bought turntables and learnt how to spin records, so his music became a passion. After a while he got some offers form the local pubs and clubs in NC.

He played hip-hop and dance music, but his heart belong to the house music. By giving his whole soul to the house Dean got an attention of the audience and succeeded. He was the most known dj in North Carolina.

Dean Coleman is very ambitions and he did not want to stop on it. He wanted more. This is why he settled here in heart of Georgia- Atlanta. Dean was a popular dj, he had his own, apartment, new friends and future. How do you think was it enough for him? On this level of his career he started to make his own music. He became a represented of the company, which sold the keyboards. He thought that he could try to play on it, especially that he was taking a piano class for 1 years when he was young. He started to make his own music. His first mix of Peter Heller’s, called “ Big love” became lately a big hit. This was how he got into the producing business. The rest of the production is well known to everybody. He did mix of Roger Sanchez’s song “ Nothing to prove”, “ Save from Harm” dropped to Yoshitoshi, which was on the top of the US Billboard Dance Chart in the Summer time. Dean has also monthly radio show on XM Satellite Radio, does product demonstration of Roland Corp USA and work closely with Pioneer New Media Technologies.

He is traveling a lot. The very first place where he went was Canada. He was also in East Europe where his relatives come form. He was in Belgia, and France, but the most he enjoyed Spain and Ibiza. He went there in 2001 with Roger Sanchez and after that his famous got bigger than ever. Coleman’s career moved forward. He took part in UK commercial of Coca-Cola. It seamed like people knew him not only from music world, but also from television and radio. Dean mastered all the media, and all the media loved him.

Coleman like all dj’s like to wear comfortable cloth. He likes to wear jeans and Calvin Klein’s t-shirts and Nike’s shoes. He has two the same watches in case when he will loose one of them. Dean likes to cook dear ladies! Yes, for those of you who like sushi and fishes and for a breakfast fruits Dean can be a good host.

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