Friday, June 17, 2011

Emotional Intelligence

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Everyone is different when it comes to the way they choose to live their lives. Sometimes people out there who live a happy life don’t realize how bad someone else may have it. While one person out there is living an outstanding and very happy life, there is also someone out there who is living through a very tough time in their life. In other words, there are positive people out there whom usually are the happy ones, and then there are the negative people which are usually the unhappy ones. This test definitely measures the Emotional Intelligence of every individual. The questions that are asked depend on each individual and their opinions or feelings.

When I was taking this test I was completely honest, and I was very eager to see my results. Once I finished the test and read my results, I totally agreed with what it said. I was so happy with my results, but I have to admit that where it says I “survive hardship without bitterness,” that is true but there are times that it takes me a while to bounce back from something, but eventually I do. For the rest of the results it was pretty accurate on how I see myself being. Like everyone out there, I’ve been through tough times too, but it all depends on how you approach a situation.

Finally, I have realized what a positive and happy individual I really am. Unfortunately I have been in many situations where I have always had to be the stronger individual even though I may be dying inside, but I’ve gotten through many situations that others might of not made it through. As well as I’ve helped many people in certain situations see themselves as better people who are worth something. This assignment helped me recognize that I’m a very happy individual. Unfortunately not everyone is as happy as me in life, but maybe if they took a test like this one it would help them see some things differently.

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