Thursday, June 30, 2011

Human Trafficking as a New Form of Slavery

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With the abolishment of slave trade in the early 18th century, no one would imagine that we would not be compelled to deal with such gory acts again, but the fact of the matter is that we live in a world where trends hardly die, but only recycle themselves into redefined manners to suite, and live amongst us for long periods of time.

Slavery has been no exception to this rule of mankind, gradually recycling itself, to suite the times we live in today, we have even found it suitable to give it more refined names, so that the situation does not look a devastating as it really is. Slavery as we know it today is Human Trafficking , this gross violation of human rights has rooted deeply and firmly in the very bane of human endeavors, that we then to over look the many effects that this ever-growing trade has on society.

Over the past year, over 700,000, and possibly as many as million people were bought, sold, transported and held against their own will in slave like conditions, unlike in the old day where this problem was mainly the transatlantic routing of people from Africa, this problem evolve to the global scale, becoming the fastest growing human right issue of our time. In this modern day slavery, human traffickers use treats, intimidation, and many times violence in the perpetration of their acts, forcing victims to engage in sex acts, or labor under conditions comparable conditions to that of slavery, for financial gains. Women, children and men, are trafficked into the international sex trade, for the purposes of prostitution, sex tourism, and other commercial sexual endeavors, this can be vastly seen all across many European societies today, also the high demand for cheap and easily available labor has helped to escalate the menace, bring about situations we find in so called Sweat shops, construction and agricultural setups. These practices often take diverse forms, rearing its head as in the abduction of children, and the absolution into government forces and rebel armies as seen in many war torn nations on the globe today, sale of women and children into domestic servitude and the use of children in the demoralizing act of street begging.

So prominent is the trend of human trafficking that it takes different forms in various geographical regions of the globe, but what is synonymous in all cases is the fact that they go on under our very nose, sometime we even become vices to these act, without us raising an eye to the situation.

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