Thursday, June 2, 2011

Immigrant Students

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Everyone knows about the glory of Rome. Ancient Rome was the most powerful country in the world. Today, America is considered the new 'Rome'. Therefore, many people who want to achieve the American dream immigrate to the United States. Unfortunately, the immigrants are not permanent residents or citizens as soon as arriving in America. Because of this, they cannot receive certain benefits, such as financial aid to go to college. Students who are not American citizens pay over three times tuition fees than do citizens. It is too much money when they have to pay at one time. The legislation which would remove barriers for immigrant students who are denied access to college because of financial difficulties should allow immigrant students financial aid. Why should the government help immigrant students? After they, who receive the financial aid, graduate from college, both immigrant students and the United States will have several benefits.

First of all, after such students graduate from college, they will become high-class manpower in their field. The high-class manpower will get a professional job. If they exhibit their ability in the work place greatly, the United States will develop at all portions such as politics, economy, society, and culture. Therefore, the financial aid about the immigrant students is an investment that America has to make for a brighter future.

Second, as I know, financial aid is the investment, not free. After they graduate from college, they will get a job. And then, they will repay to the government or the organization which gives the financial aid not only principal but also interest about the financial aid. Therefore, this investment is gain, not loss nationally.

Finally, if the students who have only financial difficulties give up going to college, they will discourage their future life. Therefore, the United States should give immigrant students the opportunity of financial aid, because the United States is a country of opportunity. Then, immigrant students will beneficiate the United States policy which gives opportunity if they receive the financial aid.

Opponents of financial aid say that the immigrant students are not American citizens, so there is no reason to help with financial aid. This point has persuasion on the surface because the United States does not need to help students who are not American citizens. However, the immigrant students can do American citizens. After they live as permanent residents for at least ten years in America, they can take a test for becoming American citizens. If they pass the test, they will become American citizens.

To allow the financial aid for the immigrant students gives a big amount of beneficiary issues to the nation. The benefits of financial aid are investing in the country's future and giving opportunity to them who deserve it. Therefore, the House Representatives and Senate should pass the bill that will allow immigrant students to get financial aid.

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