Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Letter To A Friend

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Dear Kathy,

Thank you for your letter. I received it yesterday, but I was very busy. That is why I am writing now. I hope you will excuse me.

And, how are you? Is your family OK? I know you were to Sveta Gora monastery last weekend. I have never been there. Did you enjoy your trip?

As you know last weekend, we went to Grant Pass. We are amazed from this trip.

There were some nice hotels in the town, but we chose for sleeping a little nice bungalow in one of campgrounds, near the Applegate River. All Saturday I swam, took sunny baths and enjoyed the nice weather. As you know, my wife is a fisher-women. She was very happy, because fishing in the area is a popular activity. After fishing, she took me to the town.

She likes shopping. But, it was very tired for me to browse through a big number of antiques stores. Almost of them sells items from Oregons beautiful wood. More interesting for me was the bid open market, where local folks sell vegetables, grown in their garden. On the way back to the camp we stopped for a while and found wild berries, along the road sides.

You don’t worry about eating here. On Saturday evening, we ate the fish, caught by my wife, but on Monday we had a lunch in a little restaurant in the town. Grand Pass has a lot of places to eat, ranging from a low-calorie dessert places to lovely restaurants. Some of these restaurants offer good food and gorgeous views.

You ask me about museums? Really, we hadn’t enough time for them. But, the Grant Pass is a very old town and you can see many monuments and interesting ruins here.

Kathy, it is not possible to describe everything about our trip to Grand Pass. I hope we will see each other soon and I’ll tell you more about our weekend.

Once again, thank you for your letter.

Your friend


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