Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living as a POW in Germany

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General living conditions in a war camp ran by the Germans was horrible.

Starving prisoners did all the upkeeping and work around the camp.

They were barely fed and rarely to almost never aloud to play in recreational activities. There were many escape attempts because if they stayed in these camps they know they would die anyway. Some of the camps were not even following the compliance with international law of treatment to POWs.

The general living conditions in a POW camp were horrible. Most camps were only meant for 1000 or 2000 men, but during the war at some points more than 7000 People where stuffed in these camps. This made life for the POWs horrible. There where rarely any bathrooms so people would just go anywhere and the camps started to smell of something horrible. The smell of death was in the air to because each day germens would carry out loads of dead people. These People that died in these camps did not even get a proper burial. Some other living conditions including the food they ate were very unsanitary. They were given no more than a half a cup of wheat or rice. So many people starved to death because of this. The soldiers slept in small wooden shafts with very small uncomfortable beds. Even though it would be very hard to sleep here they would have to or else they would be to tired to work the next day and not able to work, if they were not able to work they would be shot. The shacks they would live in were constructed of wood frames covered with black tar paper.

The work the POWs had to go through each day was very hard and tiring. With the little sleep they got it made working everyday almost impossible. Even through all these mental and physical obstacles some men were able to survive.

The recreational activities that the prisoners were aloud weren’t much if at all any. A lot of the prisoners played stickball or baseball. There wasn’t any time for recreational activities because their day consisted of work, work and more work. That is why when they had a little bit of free time they would use that time to catch up on some desperately needed sleep.

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