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Lyndon B. Johnson

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Lyndon B. Johnson

President Lyndon Baines Johnson was born on August 7, 1908 in Stone Wall, Texas. His parents were Sam Ealy Johnson Jr. and Rebekah Johnson. He was the oldest of four children and had two sisters, and a brother. Although he remained his mother’s favorite.

Lyndon started school at the age of four, and had already been shown how to read and write by his mother. Because his mother wanted Lyndon to have a good education, the family moved to Johnson City. While in Johnson City his father Sam was able to successfully run and win six times for the Texas Legislature. Sam regularly took Lyndon to sessions in Austin and found Lyndon had a touch for politics.

When Lyndon started high school there were only twenty-four students in three grades. He managed to make B’s in most of his subjects and was president of the senior class. He graduated from high school when he was sixteen years old.

He then got a job he hated, shoveling rocks for a new gravel road. One night he stole his father’s car and totaled it accidentally. Afraid of the consequences he might face he ran off to a small town outside of Corpus Christi. In Corpus he got a job in a cotton gin, where he worked long days around loud machines. Shortly after moving he moved back home after his father agreed not to punish him for wrecking his car. He returned home and a few months later was back out on the road. This time with a couple of his buddies on their way to California, Lyndon was only 17 years old. In California he took on many jobs, doing whatever he had to do to survive.

Lyndon and a friend later got jobs working at his cousin’s law firm. Lyndon liked the work as a secretary, and wanted to get his law license. He was unable to obtain his license due to the qualifications needed to become a lawyer. So after only ten months in California, Lyndon Johnson was back on his way to Texas. He arrived in Texas and again took a job shoveling rocks, but was laid off and after falling as low as he could he decided to go to college. So he packed his bags and was on his way to San Marcos.

Lyndon started college in 17 and within five weeks of arriving in San Marcos had a job working for the college president, Cecil Evans. Evans and Johnson became good friends and found they both had an interest in politics. In college Johnson was nicknamed “Bull Johnson” due to his bad manners and ability to charm his teachers, by agreeing with everyone and what they had to say even if it contradicted something said by another teacher. He gained his teaching degree in 18 and that summer he had a job teaching at a school in Cotulla. He then moved to teach at Sam Houston High School where he taught public speaking and managed the debate team. He managed to turn a four-year losing streak into a victory of 66 wins out of 67 only losing the state championship.

In 1911 a newly elected congressman, Richard Kleberg, offered him a job as a personal secretary. He did an outstanding job and soon gained the respect of many of his coworkers. Lyndon made several trips to Texas while working in Washington. In September 1914 on a trip he met a young lady by the name of Claudia Alta Taylor who had been nicknamed “Lady Bird” since she was a child. Lyndon almost immediately decided to marry her and after a few months of dating “Lady Bird” they were married.

They wedded on November 17, 1914 and had two daughters, Lynda Bird and Luci Baines.

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