Friday, June 17, 2011

Profile for Pre-k kids

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Dear Mom,

I am writing you this letter of gratitude for you to see the way I feel for you. I’ve noticed I haven’t told you every day to thank you. You brought me into this world teaching me new things every day; I want to start about my memories with you.

The earliest memory I have of you was when we went to pick up Sanam and Saman up from school it was close to our house so we walked there every day at picking them up. There faces were always delighted to see us. I always asked you why I couldn’t go to school with them you told me I was too young. Now when I look back on those days I remember how much fun we had during our walks there. We once went to the ice cream store and u bought me ice cream. I remember how happy I was when we went there. I did not know then but now I remember your face used to glow because u saw me being happy. You always wanted me to be happy.

Sandy Yaghoubian

Profile for Pre-k kids

Maybe they do not want to share. Jealousy-when people realize they must share with others possession and time once given only to them adults can tell them everyone is special in a different way.

Basic Daily Diet for Preschool Children

Bread Group-6 servings total

Vegetable Group- servings total

Milk Group- servings total

Meat group- 5 ounces total

-Food prepared in different ways

-New foods in small amounts

-Easy to eat foods

-Making meals fun


-Adults can help children

-Can explain its okay to feel sad, angry, hurt, and happy


-Children need praise when they try

-Fear and anxiety

-Never make fun of them

-Tell them not to be scared and repeat that


-Adults need to praise corporation

-So they do not fight for games they should be supplied with a lot of toys

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