Thursday, June 16, 2011

Punks not Dead

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Punks Not Dead

The latest craze to hit America in the music scene has been punk music. It seemed to take the youth by storm. Everywhere you turn people are wearing blue mohawks, studded belts, liberty spikes and piercing. Even the television companies, radio stations and the Internet have been promoting this new craze. They show live concerts on TV, play their music nationwide on the radio and have downloadable MP’s on the Internet. Punk music used to be for the outcasts of society and now every kid on the block has had some kind studded belt and dyed hair one time in there life.

One of the biggest influences on bringing punk music into just about every house in America would be television. Music television (MTV) is one of the few stations that show videos and biographies on bands. MTV keep fans updated about band touring information and new CD’s that have just hit the market. They even have a show just dedicated to the punk scene called Unplugged. On this show they bring in different band like Good Charlotte, Guttermouth, NOFX, and Tiger Army just to sit down and talk with them about their music and how they think it influences people who listen to it. Then at the end of the show the band gets to play a couple of songs.

Not only do television shows play their music, but radio stations do also. The radio has never played punk music on the air before. However, within the past few years, they began playing their music. Now they play countless songs by various bands nationwide. There is even a punk only radio station in California and on the west coast of Florida. Pretty soon there will be those kinds of stations all across the nation in every big city and town.

Yet another way to get in tune with punk music is through the Internet. There are vast amounts of web sites that fans can go to too download songs, videos, and pictures of just about any band fans can think of. It is amazing how easy it is to find music, especially punk music, on the Internet. Just lately they have been giving out programs on certain web sites to go to just to download music. Fans can even join clubs on the Internet for your favorite band. They send fans e-mails telling them when and where the band is playing, discographies, biographies on the band, and even sell merchandise.

It is amazing how fast punk music swept the nation. All it needed was a little support from the radio, television and Internet to get it out to the people across the nation. At first it was thought to be a little fad, but now people see it as a way of life. The way it influenced society to cope with a completely different life style than the rest. Some people live and breath punk music and we can only thank the bands that depend on us, their fans, to buy their records and to sell out stadiums to watch them play.

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