Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiger Woods "Golf's Next Superstar"

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Golf, a sport that has hid in the shadows of its companions like football, basketball, and baseball for years on end. That is at least until now! A young man by the name of Tiger Woods has taken over a sport that had seemed to be on a downward fall of late. The magnificent role that he plays in this particular sport raises the question, “Is Tiger Woods golf’s next Superstar?” Personally I would have to say, yes! Tiger Woods is an excellent role model as well as a professional golfer, because of the fact that his professional appearance, practice habits, and his unbelievable talent level have molded him into an individual that is profitable, but at the same time, looked up to as well as feared.

As far as appearance goes, Tiger Woods is a perfect match for Professional Golf. To be effective in the golfing world you have to have a very professional look as well as attitude, with a little sarcasm allowed here and there. Mr. Woods could not fit those guidelines any better than he already has. He is able to maintain that business look on the course and that friendly, yet classy look off. Mr. Woods is also eye catching because of the fact that he is African American and good looking all in one. Before he came along, golf was mostly a sport that was played and dominated by white people. Mr. Woods has clearly leaped that hurdle without falling down and has paved the way for others to do the same. His appearance also plays a major role in his golf game. To be honest with you, Tiger intimidates most of his opponents. If asked, they will tell you that just knowing he is present at a tournament is intimidating enough, much less having to play with him in the same group.

Obviously he’s got the look, but is he, and will he, be a profitable figure in the golfing world? The answer again is yes! If you look in the dictionary under the word profitable, you will see a picture of his face. That’s how important and profitable to the game of golf he is. Tiger alone being present at a golf tournament can change TV ratings and make them skyrocket far past any tournament that he is not entered in. That alone should tell you how important Mr.Woods is to the game of golf as well as its financial needs. On top of that, there are all of the sponsors who would love to have him indorsing there products. This also brings money into the PGA tour.

Tiger being the athlete he is, and then adding that image he carries with him at all times to that, makes him the perfect ingredient for a good role model. The strange thing about Tiger though is that anyone could claim him as their role model, no matter what their age, race, or sex is. But why would anybody choose Mr. Woods as their role model? Well firstly, because of the fact that he has overcome many challenges that have encountered him so far in his career. Secondly, through everything, he has taken full advantage of his individual talent and has maintained a professional image while doing so. So for what crazy reason would you not want Mr. Woods to be your role model?

I don’t have to go out on a limb to say that Tiger Woods is the most talented individual to ever master the game that we call golf. The scary part is that he is still learning. He’s got the whole package, from his individual physical talent to his mental toughness, on the course as well as off. Overall, he’s got all the talent in the world but it wouldn’t amount to anything if he didn’t care to practice on it. Tiger has probably the most demanding practice habits of anyone in the sport. By doing so, he expands his talent level more and more every practice. So, in the long run we really do not know how talented he is, all we can do is watch in amazement as his talent level continues to rise day by day.

Mr. Woods has already had an extraordinary effect on the game of golf, spanning from on the course, to off the course as well. On the course, Tiger has brought with him a whole new kind of atmosphere that is unlike any other. This atmosphere that seems to surround him is filled with an enormous amount of positive energy and the burning desire that he has to be the best at what he does. These things are prevalent on the golf course in many different ways, whether it be with a pump of his fist after he sinks a putt, or just a simple tip of his hat in appreciation for the support of his fans. These are ways that he has effected the game on the course, but the off the course effects that he has had on the game overrules all the others. One of the first things Mr. Woods did once he turned professional was start his own charity called “The Tiger Woods Foundation”. The main goal of his charity is to inspire young children with and without disabilities to learn to play the game of golf. The foundation raises money to build new facilities so children that want to play the game can learn how and have a place to do so.

Overall, I believe that Tiger Woods is the most admirable golfer up till this date. He has all the utensils in place to be able to mold himself into an individual that not only is known for what he does on the course, but what is done off as well. There is no doubt in my mind that Tiger Woods will continue to inspire and to teach others what has been taught to him. He is the type of individual that is needed and will continue to be needed in the public’s eye. Furthermore, I can now say that without a doubt, Tiger Woods is “Golf’s Next Superstar”.

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