Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top Hat Sequence Analysis

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The film Top Hat can overall be characterized as a romantic film where a man tries to win the heart of a woman. However, in this particular film there are many tribulations between the characters before the ending resolution. Mistaken identities and moreover the confusing actions of the characters create a subplot in the film. Thus the film carries on a theme of misunderstanding. Each identity must be clarified in order to reach the ultimate convergence of Jerry Travers and Dale Tremont. The sequence the class analyzed, beginning with Dale’s confident ploy turning to Jerry’s sarcasm and ending with Dale’s feelings remaining the same, becomes the climatic action of the theme of misunderstanding as it alters Dale’s emotions around an identity which still, unbeknownst to her, remains unknown.

The beginning scene in the sequence portrays Dale and Madge as they discuss “Horace”, the husband of Madge and object of affection for Dale. However, unknowingly, each is discussing a different person. Dale’s initial goal is to scare “Horace” (Jerry) so he becomes guilty and takes on more marital responsibility. Prior to this scene Horace denies to Madge that he had any type of interaction with Dale. Dale dials the room number as she states she believes “Horace” (Jerry) will remember her. The phone is answered by “Horace” (Jerry) who states that he does remember her and accepts her request to come see him alone. What initially sets this scene is Madge’s misunderstanding of Horace’s confession. Upon arrival in Italy Horace feels some guilt and has intentions to reveal a previous affair to Madge. Dale’s confession of Horace to Madge upon the poolside allows for Madge to quickly misunderstand Horace. The framing in this scene is set up to focus primarily on Dale as she speaks to “Horace” (Jerry) on the phone. Thus the scene is establishing that Madge’s claims are unimportant because they are based upon a misunderstanding.

The next scene shows Dale and Jerry in the room together. Dale walks in confidently towards “Horace” (Jerry) and, surprisingly to him, kisses “Horace” (Jerry) and claims she has missed what they once were to one another. Dale is attempting to scare “Horace” (Jerry) so he stays loyal to Madge by inventing a false perception of herself through a fictional story about their affair a year earlier in Paris. All the while the real Horace is in the bathtub. Horace’s false perception of Dale is that she knows Jerry is famous and is out to create a scandal with him. Prior to this scene Jerry made a claim to Horace stating, “If I ever forgot myself with that girl I’d remember it.” Jerry also claims to Horace before this scene that the last time he was in Paris he was ten years old. By relating those two moments the audience does not become confused and realizes Dale is making up the story for a particular reason. Jerry turns the situation upon Dale. The once confident Dale is falling for “Horace’s” (Jerry’s) charm once again.

The next part of the scene brings the real Dale back. Jerry claims he remembers everything but changes the story around, and acts like he has mistaken her fake identity. Ironically enough Jerry doesn’t know Dale believes he is Horace. Thus this scene presents false misunderstandings and hides each person’s true feelings for one another. Both of them have strong feelings for the persons they are, but Dale’s affection is deterred by the mistaken identity of Jerry being Horace. The beginning of the scene presents a confident Dale acting as a mistaken identity and ends with a love-torn Dale falling weak to the charm of “Horace” (Jerry) who she must turn away because his false identity is the husband of Madge.

The sequence presented to the class is the climatic action of the subplot of confusion and misunderstanding. As a resolution Dale attempts to create her own false identity but it ultimately fails. Thus Dale’s feelings are tainted by a mistaken identity. Overall, this sequence carries the theme of misunderstanding through the four main characters. Jerry is the only person to know the true identities and actions of the three other characters. The other three mistake one other character as something they’re not. Dale believes Jerry is Horace, Horace believes Dale is scandalous, and Madge believes Horace has a fondness for Dale. Each misunderstanding, however, is due to the fact that Dale believes Jerry is Horace. Thus the circle of misunderstandings rotates around Jerry as it is his job to ultimately figure out Dale’s false perception of him and bring each character back to reality.

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