Friday, June 17, 2011

Who am I?

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In a little while.

In a cloudy and rainy night, Eduardo was alone looking trough the window, waiting for something or someone that can fill the big whole in his soul, crying for a friend.

Eduardo is a wizard that lives in Guatemala, outside from the city, where tradition and believes are still the same as fifty years ago. He practices magic, with what nature provides leaves, wood, water… This is a gift from God; he can prevent diseases, natural disasters, things that society would appreciate, but magic is associated with bad things, so Eduardo is a lonely soul, without a friend and without a chance in society.

In this small town, people are concern about religion and magic goes against what they belief. The town has got stuck in a moment, everything is old, no changes, families are very united and there aren’t a lot of kids. 

One of the most singular families is Patricia’s, she is a big woman, her husband died and she has a daughter named Emilia. Emilia is a nine-year-old girl, she is a free soul, she likes to make new friends and adventures.

One day, Eduardo decide to go out and buy some fruits, in his way, people look at him, like if he was a kind of freak. He got in to the store and saw Emilia with her mom, immediately, her mom grab her and take her away from that place, telling her not to talk with estrangers, specially with Eduardo.

Weeks passed and Emilia was still thinking about Eduardo, and Eduardo was still thinking about the girl. Soon, the girl decides to go into the woods to find Eduardo’s house, she is really afraid, if her mom finds out, Eduardo will be in big problems; she sees the house and run away.

The next day, she goes back, bringing fruits, she knocks on the door and a fifty year old, funky looking guy opens it, he looks very scare, because no one, ever knocked… there she is, the little girl from the store. He let her in, both of them afraid, because they don’t know each other, the time passes and suddenly, they are playing, talking and laughing. Telling stories about family, old friends, past life and the cat that was his only friend, the little girl, tell him about her dad, that died three years ago, because of an estrange sickness that no one can treat. Hours pass and the sunset was coming, so Emilia decide to go.

A couple of days later, Emilia visit Eduardo, this time, Eduardo teach her how to now something about weather, looking at the clouds and listening to the sound of birds, they prevent rain for tonight, so Emilia left.

They became really good friends, he teaches her about magic and she teaches him about the people in town and what you can find in it, she tell him stories about her mom, and how is she so worry about her.

This friendship continues for a month, four weeks of happiness for the both of them. Suddenly, Emilia's mom starts suspecting something, where does Emilia go everyday? Without clues and without any other friend? She decides to follow her and she finds out that Emilia is going to Eduardo’s house in the woods. Immediately, she stops her and takes her home, where she lock Emilia in her room and decide to go and talk with the major about the problem with Eduardo. This entire problem because of a girl, that gives life a chance.

The conversation with the major was long because, he didn’t know about Eduardo. The major the major agrees with her and put Eduardo in jail, he stay there for two long weeks. He loss all hopes, his only friend forgets about him. At the fourteenth day, the gate open and Emilia entered, what a relief, seen her angel face, his best and only friend is there, promising that tomorrow he will be out, that she will go and talk to the major with her mom, how good friend he is.

In the major’s office, they talk and talk for hours, she giving reasons why he can be put out and her mom saying why he should stay in. finally they decide to let him go and also to give him a chance to show his magic to the people of the town and also give him the chance to use it and see how it works. This chance, is perfect, he can demonstrate what he knows, the only gift from his dad, this magic that he can create with his hands.

The major, gave him three days for preparing, during this period, he stay in his house for our and hours, just he alone with his magic. Finally the day came, he was nervous and his hands shaking. He takes all the stuff to the centre of the town, where all the people wait for seen Eduardo practicing magic. The prove is hard, he have to cure a little girl from a cruel sickness, that she get because of loneliness, they bring the little girl to him, what a surprise when he saw Emilia, laying in the table.

Immediately, he takes all the magic things and do, as fast as he could, he take some little of everything, mix it up and give it to the girl, she drink it and nothing happen, she still lies on the table, immobile.

The next morning, things where the same, the girl was worst and he could do nothing. Hopes where almost gone, her mom, was totally hopeless and the people from the town too.

That night, a full moon night, people where gathering at the backyards of different houses fearing for the worst, some praying, some crying, some hugging to the last remaining hopes deep in their heart. Some already gave up and were just waiting for the final moment… Eduardo came and address to them in a nice calm voice, and ask them to hold hands and pray to God for the girl. They keep on doing this all night long, suddenly; people just gave up and left.

Eduardo loss all hopes too, when he say good-bye to her, tears fall on the girl, these tears, where full of love and when they touch the girl, she wakes up, with a big smile on her face, she says hi, like if this time was easy… like if nothing had ever happen.

After this hard time, Eduardo was hopeful and strong, so people learn from him and give him the chance of been part of normal life, crossing obstacles together.

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