Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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After doing the “Assessing your wellness” test, I discovered that my strengths were in the social dimension and in the intellectual dimension. After looking over the questions I realized why my strengthens were in those two dimensions. The first that I did well in is social, I think I did well in this dimension because I am use to interacting with different people and I am interested in different cultures and backgrounds. I also think that I did well in this area because I am very passionate about helping people. This is an area in which I would like to be in, in the future. The second dimension that I did well in is in the intellectual dimension. I think I did well in this area because the courses I am taking allow me to learn a large range of information about the world. I also think I did well in this area because I am interested in different things.

I also discovered that my weaknesses were in the spiritual dimension as well as in the physical dimension. I discovered that my weakness is in the spiritual dimension because at this point in my life I sometimes find it difficult to turn to my religion. I think this is true because I am at a point where I feel I must challenge my spirituality. I am continually asking questions about my religion and I find doubts in it, when these questions can no longer be answered. I am also learning about other religions and I find myself confused and wondering which is the right path. The second area in which I am having difficulty in is the physical dimension. Although my diet is regular and I have a variety in it, it still can be improved further. The area, which also needs improvement, is in exercise. College has been difficult to adjust to because of the large amount of homework and the difficult tests. This has given be very little time to exercise as often as I would like to.

All dimensions in this assessment need improvement and there are many ways in which I able to so. In the physical dimension, I can improve by scheduling my time, better and adding exercise times a few days a week. I can also look more closely at my diet and find ways to improve it further. In the social dimension, I feel I should try to contribute more time into school life by joining different activities. In the spiritual dimension, I feel I should continue questions my religion. Although I get doubts from these questions, it is the only way in which I can find the answers I am truly looking for. In the emotional dimension, I can improve by forming closer bonds with those that I am not very close to now. I can also improve by enjoying life further and learning from my past mistakes. In the intellectual dimension, I can improve by taking courses that deal with areas that I have never dealt with before. In the occupational dimension, I can improve by studying more and doing better in my classes.

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