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Leadership is a word that is often used. It is used everywhere in many ways. A leader is not only used in the business world, but also in education, clubs, sports, volunteer work, government, and even in your own home. Since this is a management class, I am going to only focus on leadership in the business world. When you hear the word leadership you automatically think of an individual person who is strong, ambitious, inspiring, and someone who you look up to. Being a leader is this, and much more. Leadership is the relationship in which one person, the leader, influences others to work together willingly on related tasks to attain that which the leader desires. For my term paper I had the opportunity to research specific parts about leadership. I got to learn and understand the links between management and leadership, use of power and authority, influenced tactics, and employee empowerment.

When you think about leadership in a place of business, you may assume the leaders are the individuals that have the higher positions, or authority. This is wrong. It is important that there is a leader at every level, and is imperative that an organization has the right leaders. Effective leadership is a contributing factor to reaching the organizational goals, and objectives. Without, or having ineffective leadership, the organization will eventually collapse. In the organization the leader leads, but does not push. You can have a leader, and at the same time have a non-leader.

Leadership and management are often mistakenly thought of as the same thing. Before I did research, and read the chapter thoroughly, I came to my own conclusion there is a difference. I believe they are two separate words, with separate meanings, although our textbook, 'Essentials of Management', strongly disagrees. A manager is a person who is responsible for the work performance of group members. A manager emphasizes on rationality and control. They are problem solvers who focus on goals, resources, organization structures, and people. Managers will usually say, “What problems have to be solved, and what are the best ways to achieve results so that people will continue to contribute to this organization?” On the contrary, a leader is an independent individual who is creative, strong and has a vision of what the organization can become. I look it at this way. Almost anyone can become a manager. If you want to manage a business you can go to school and be educated in business management. However, if you want to become a leader, you must do it and learn on you own. A leader is someone who guides a group of people by using their confidence and creativity, to motivate others. A leader is not a follower. A leader must have self-esteem and be able to communicate with others. You are either a manager, or a leader. A person can be a good manager but not a good leader, or vice versa. However, effective organizations do need both a leader, and a manager.

Just like a manager, a leader must have authority. Authority is the official and legal right to command action by others and to enforce compliance. Making decisions and seeing that they are carried out, exercise authority. Usually we believe that a manager or a boss is the one with all the authority, yet, this is not entirely true. A manager does have the authority, and the right to take corrective action over a worker who does not perform. On the other hand, a leader can also have authority over a group or, group members without using corrective action. I understand this to be power. The manager and the leader both use power, yet in different ways. The difference is, a leader uses his or her power to influence others, by not using corrective action. A manager has power only because a manager can terminate, demote, or control an employee. Leaders use various types of power to influence others. They use legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, referent, and subordinate powers. Legitimate Power is derived from the supervisor’s position in the organization. Reward Power sees that rewards are granted for fulfillment with the supervisor’s wishes. Coercive Power relies on fear and is based on the expectation of the subordinate that punishment is given for not agreeing with the supervisor’s actions and beliefs.

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