Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fish

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I used to spend my summer holidays with my granddad and his boat. We would wake up early in the morning and head for the lake to go fishing. We would spend our days basting in the sun waiting patiently for that one BIG fish to catch. Finally, one day I caught the biggest fish I had ever caught before. Needless to say, when we saw it, it looked like it had struggled many hooks and we decided to throw it back in the water to let it go. In Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish”, she uses the fish as a symbol to create the life and struggle of a living creature. The theme of this poem is that people, just like any living creature, go through hardships and struggles during their lives. She describes this well when she talks about “A green line, frayed at the end where he broke it, two heavier lines, and a fine black thread still crimped from the strain and snap when it broke and he got away.” Each line hanging from the fish’s mouth symbolizes each hardship it has been through in life. Bishop goes to great lengths to describe the fish’s appearance. She is able to notice the true identity of one of God’s creatures when she says, “Here and there his brown skin hung in strips like ancient wallpaper.” This poem relays to me that she felt sympathetic of taking the life of a living organism. It feels that the fish is of the same importance of taking the life of a human being therefore she throws the fish back in to the water. This poem helps me realize what happened that day my granddad and I released the fish back into the water. When someone actually sees a fish in person then they are able to see the true meaning of life itself.

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