Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'The Great Gatsby' Answers

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What conflicts arise in the play? How are they resolved? Are the resolutions acceptable to other characters? To yourself, the reader? I found that in the play Riot, by Andrew Moodie that the conflicts that arose throughout the play were of a extent that had no boundaries. Throughout the play, Moodie successfully illustrates various types of character conflicts. Friend vs. friend, brother vs. sister, black vs. white and minorities vs. society. The friend vs. friend conflict is mainly on the basis of petty things, such as the use of the television of what is shared or eaten by the occupants of the house. These small-minded conflicts are usually resolved in a manner, which is structured by the occupants of the house by setting regular house meetings.

The resolution to the conflicts that arise during the friend vs. friend concept are usually agreed upon by all characters and is therefore accepted by them and by me the reader. The brother vs. sister concept is one of the main conflicts of the play. The sister, Grace acts as a protector of her younger brother Kirk, who committed a crime in the past. She feels as though she needs to make sure that he stays out of trouble. Whereas Kirk views her motherly protection of him, in a form that could hurt him. This conflict is never really resolved in the play but progresses and grows as the plot thickens. The black vs. white and minorities vs. society conflicts arise in the play through the dialogue of the characters. Many of them believe that racism is still an ongoing issue in Toronto and have very strong views about how black Canadians are treated in society. The Rodney King trial is also mentioned in parts of the play, which is done to raise emphasis on the discriminatory acts of society. This conflict is never resolved because I feel that the playwright wanted the reader to understand the continuing lengths of racism and how it still go on everyday. Which character did you admire the most? The younger brother of Grace, the heartthrob of Effie and the friend of Wendle, Henry and Alex. Kirk is the most complicated person in the play. As Kirk lives out the transition from young-offender to brother and friend, he is a representation of young black males who have committed a crime in the past and have been incarcerated for them. After being sent from Jamaica to live with his older sister and her roommates, he is easily accepted by them but mainly because of his relation to Grace. Nevertheless, they all have good, bad and neutral feeling about him because they really do not understand who he is. Though he comes across very problematic and sometimes dangerous he has a sensitive yet emotional side to him, that none of his roommates including his sister adhere to. These are the characteristics that make him stand out from any other character. He wants nothing more then to be accepted and understood by his sister and friends. That is what makes me as the reader admire him out of all the characters.

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