Friday, July 15, 2011


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Smallpox is a virus, which many people fear. Scientists believe that the cure for Smallpox may be a drug already on the shelf. There are 1 drug in which scientists assume smallpox can be treated. At the time when Smallpox was in many parts of the world, there was no treatment for any type of virus. Now, there are many drugs that can treat different viruses, and even some may be able to cure smallpox.

The biological issue at hand is the virus Smallpox and its effect on living things. Smallpox can spread through the air quickly and kill people. It has killed as much as 500 million people in the 20th century. The virus operates similar to other viruses. Therefore, scientists think that medicines already made may be possible to seize Smallpox. Army scientists say that instead of trying to create a medicine to cure smallpox, we should try to find some already made. Medicines such as Vistide, which is used for eye infections, could kill Smallpox, along with 10 other treatments. Each treatment that may cure Smallpox attacks the virus in distinct ways.

In this article, I have many beliefs on the virus Smallpox. For one, I feel that Smallpox is a terrible virus. It has killed so much people along with many other things. I believe that scientists are doing a great thing in trying to find a cure for this horrible virus. They is using a new approach to finding the cure. It is quite fascinating that after all these years there is still no cure to the smallpox virus.

This article affects me in numerous ways. It has insured my faith that Smallpox is under control. At first, I believed that Smallpox could be caught easily. Then, I realize that it was eliminated many years. This article has shown me that there may be a cure for smallpox. My level of fear of getting this virus has lowered. I now see that Smallpox is just another virus in our world.

The virus smallpox is a horrifying killer. Scientists have no doubt that Smallpox can be cured by medicines already on the market. There are 1 medicines so far that may cure the virus. Each will attack the virus in numerous ways. These treatments will been tested to see if it will work on Smallpox. Smallpox, however, is still there and scientists need to find a cure for the virus.

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