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Argument of Evaluation

Advertisements are involved in almost every part of our daily lives. They are involved when we watch television and listen to the radio. They are involved when we get up and use our name brand toothpaste, when we eat our breakfast and go to work. It is almost impossible not to be affected by all the advertisements. That is why private companies spend tremendous amounts of money for a slight glimpse in someones life. There will always be one ad that can usually stick out when flipping through these magazines. I found a particular ad like this in Gentlemens Quarterly (GQ). GQ is obviously primarily for men. The magazine focuses on mens personal style and taste, from what he wears to the way he lives his life. GQ covers subjects ranging from finance, food, travel, entertainment, celebrities, sports, grooming and fashion (Conte). The average man that reads this periodical is probably going to be a man ranging in his late twenties to his sixties. A man that is also middle to upper class, who is able to enjoy certain aspects of life that the ads portray, will read this magazine. Therefore, any advertisements that are in this magazine will have to appeal to this demographic to be successful. The advertisement being evaluated is for Tommy Hilfger clothing. This print ad is very effective in GQ because it appeals to the main audience the magazine is looking for. This ad will also stick in the audiences mind because of its association, vivid use of color, and its sex appeal.

The ad takes place on a beach with a man and a woman. The models are wearing the Tommy's clothes while rolling around on the sand. Tommy's signature appears in the bottom right-hand corner with his emblem. The scene that is being photographed is a remake of the movie, From Here to Eternity. In having this type of scene, the agency has already appealed to the main demographic by making the audience reminisce about this old movie. The two models in this movie are acting as Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster in their famous scene together on the beach. In this scene, waves crash in toward the deserted beach for... the films most memorable, famous and shockingly torrid (for its day) love-making scene on a sandy Oahu beach. Back at the edge of the Hawaiian beach surf, the waves churn up white caps and breakers. The water rolls up the beach and races toward Karen [Kerr] and Warden [Lancaster] who lie together. Their bodies are tightly locked and intertwined in an embrace as they kiss each other and the white foaming waves pour over them (Dirks). This memorable part of the movie is being recaptured and is used to sell the clothes depicted in the print ad. The main point of advertising is having the audience remember the ad and the company. In remaking a movie, the audience is able to subconsciously think about Tommy Hilfiger and his clothes when they think about the pleasant memory of watching this Academy Award Winning film. It is very effective in advertising, because even if they dont buy the product, the audience will remember who the ad is by and hopefully tells someone else about it. This is a major part of this ad, however, there must be more to the scene to make it effective for the reader to look at the print. They are other pieces of criteria that need to catch a viewers attention.

Another aspect of effectiveness is the contrast of the color, blue. It most significant color in the entire background, as well as the color that both models are wearing. Therefore, that is the first thing that catches the readers eye in the ad. Before the eye goes to the subjects that are depicted, it automatically goes to color. An almost overwhelming sense of color is effective, but it isnt too overwhelming to take away from what the picture is trying to convey. It gives a sense of connection in the picture; the sense that the ocean is connected to the tide, which is connected to the woman, who is connected to the man. Blue is another color which is very popular in advertising. People perceive blue as cool, serene, and relaxing as well as... confident and dependable... [B]right blue can communicate the playful and youthful feelings (CIAd). The ad is implying that these clothes are cool and confident and people will feel relaxed in them, as well as feeling relaxed and comfortable when looking at the ad. This sense of ease and comfort creates the mood and connects to the other parts of the ad.

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The last aspect of effectiveness has to do with sex appeal. One of the main aspects of sex appeal can be construed in Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture by Berger, who makes a statement about dark hair Dark hair is connected in the American mind... with notions of sexual passion, in contrast to blond hair that is connected with innocence and sexual coldness and unresponsiveness (Berger). He also suggests that because this takes place on the beach, that it represents a certain type of sexual freedom. In the ad, both have dark hair, which represents many inhibitions being thrown away; it is more natural then reserved and rigid. This is a simply natural ad.

The ad definitely effective in this magazine. It appeals to the demographic of GQ by appealing to middle to upper class and middle-aged men because it associates itself with an important movie of their time. Tommy Hilfiger is a middle to upper class designer as well, so the audience should be able to afford the clothes. However, another important part of it is that it all connects in the end. The main color, the hair color, as well as the movie all ties together. This ad is effective because it has contrast, remembrance, as well as sex appeal. It achieves all the goals that an agency would want for its clients campaign, it is very successful.

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