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In how far does the language reflet the progress/ development of the action?

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In how far does the language reflet the progress/ development of the action?

The place where the story takes place is Westminster Abbey. In the book Brave New World Huxley changed the function of it. It used to be a church but now it serves as a night club where more than 500 people are able to dance to Synthetic Music. Westminster Abbey in A.F. 6 is the total opposite from what it had been before. A church is a rather quiet and holy place in contrast to a night club. This shows how even the values of the society have changed and that they do not believe in the same God as we do.

When Lenina and Henry enter the Westminster Abbey Cabaret, the atmosphere is hot and breathless. In the moment they enter the scent and color organ is painting a tropical sunset (p. 67) and 16 sexophonists are playing an old favorite “There ain't no Bottle in all the world like that dear little bottle of mine”. Lenina and Henry are exactly the 401 couple that enters the Westminster Abbey Cabaret. This signifies the fact that they are followers and that they adhere to state doctrine and makes one conclude that they are very carefully counting how many people are in the room.

Although the sexophonists sound like wailing and moaning cats the music seems to be entertaining to its listeners who are obviously are havin a lot of fun. However the sound is described as being full of harmonics and is heading towards a climax. Which follows when the conductor let loose the final note, a thunder in A flat major is played. After that there is a diminuendo and the music almost comes to silence. But then the 16 sexophonists burst out into song. This can be seen as the climax of the whole scene. There had been a tension in the music and the listeners expected something to come. Their expectancy has been fulfilled when the sexophonists began to sing the song “dear little bottle of mine”. In contrast to the sunset in the beginning, the singing is accompanied by an explosive sunrise, indicating that the night is over and the day, something new begins.

By now Lenina and Henry are dancing in another world. On the one hand this is caused by soma which makes them feel a warm and richly colored world, the world of soma-holiday, but on the other hand the music also causes their ecstasy.

The sexophonists stop playing and their part is taken over by the Synthetic Music Apparatus which starts playing a very slow Malthusian Blues. This tells the people in the room that the party will be over soon, and like expected the Apparatus tells them “Good Bye”.

All the girls in BNW have a Malthusian Belt on which they carry contraceptions. Playing the Malthusian Blues suggests the idea that they are reminded to have sex that night.

Huxley uses a lot of sarcasm in this scene. Everything is artificial, even the sunset and surise are produced artificially by the color and scent organ. Moreover everybody takes this drug soma, which has no side effects, in order to feel happy. There is loud music played by a Synthetic Music Apparatus and ever once in a while they alternate with 16 sexophonists. It is loud and very bright, it is nothing we would ever expect in a church.

Another aspect Huxley satirizes is birth. In the song “dear little bottle of mine” the bottle took over the role of the mother. They love the bottle and are sad that they had to leave it because the skies are always blue and the weather is always fine in it, there is nothing in the world that can be compared to that bottle.The song derives from another theory of Freud which says that in times of trouble one wants to go back to a lower state of development. This is in great contrast to the state's motto, which says Community, Identity, Stability, since they do not have any development. Besides that people in Brave New World are always happy because they take soma at every opportunity they get.

The text is written in literary language. Huxley uses a lot of adjectives to describe the action very precisley. In the beginning, when Lenina and Henry enter the Cabaret the sentences are short without any subordinate clause. After the describtion of the wailing sexophones, the sentences become longer and have a lot of subordinate clauses. This is exactly the time when the tension increases. In the part where Huxley describes the music, he is very precise by using brackets in which he explains the notes that are played by the sexophonists.

The action is always refered to the artificially produced society, for example the bottle song and in the end even the feelings of Lenina and Henry are described in a way that also reminds the reader the bottle that their body grows in. This shows that the people are happy the way it is, they do not want it any different, which is influenced by hypnopeadia lessons, of course, but right now, while they are dancing, they have what they ever wanted, they are inside with the blue sky and the fine weather, feeling like twin embryos gently rocking toghether on the waves of a bottled ocean of bloodsurrogate. The bottle is the only thing that they are allowed to have feelings for, that they can admire. They are supposed to have sex with as many partners as possible but never develop any feelings for them. It is abnormal to go out with only one person, like Lenina and Henry do. Maybe they developped some kind of feelings for each other since it says in the text that they have what they always wanted. They are supposed to only want the bottle, but Lenina and Henry want each other.

In the end, when they are in some kind of numb state, just like in their hypnopaedia lessons, and again they hear commands out of the speakers, they are told to leave, in a genial and musical politeness. They are very used to always do that what they are told, so that they probably would not have noticed that the show was over by themselves. They always need someone to tell them what to do, which once more shows that the Individual does not count a bit in this society.

To sum up we can see that the moral values in BNW have been turned upside down from the values we have today. Individuality does not count anymore, people are supposed to have promiscuous sex and even a church, that has been a quiet and holy place before, does not receive any respect anymore, it is turned into a loud night club.

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