Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Janet Laurence

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Artists construct a presentation, reflection or a critique of their world for the viewer. Two artists that are an example of this are Yun Suk-Nam and Janet Laurence.

Janet Laurence strives to inform audiences with her views of art in society and art relating to history and the environment. She is interested in presenting art as something more than decorative or something personal.

Her work is interactive and usually involves the audience’s senses, for example she includes various different textures in her installations and her work will include sounds, sometimes speech or music.

Laurence is enthusiastic about her site-specific works. She participates in a variety of projects with architects, and enjoys the involvement in research and scientific investigations. With what she learns she incorporates it into her installations so other people can experience it.

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From as early as the 70s, I was always interested in the idea of how art worked in a space  how art could contribute to the definition of a space and make the viewer participate holistically within that space.

I realised we still have a life that is strongly entwined with our natural environment. I wanted to bring that out in my work, so I made a conscious decision to make work which was about relating to our environment.

Laurence found gallery work to be confining, and she came to appreciate the possibilities of exhibiting outside. She has worked with several artists and architects to produce works that are site-specific, and used natural, scientific and architectural materials.

She examines the history of the site and builds it with this in mind, also using materials from the era and that relate to the people of that era. In ‘Edge of the Trees’ for example she uses the culture of the Eora tribe as part of the theme. She wants people to see the lives and places that have been replaced with today’s living. She uses honey, seed pods, hair, and ash to create the atmosphere of the Eora tribe. The tall wooden posts represent a forest, but they are neat and in proportion, like a building.

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