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Lisa was a sophomore in high school, involved with most sports at her school. She had a high grade point average and was looking forward to succeeding in many things in her life. At the end of her sophomore year she and her friend James become boyfriend and girlfriend. They were together for a while and wanted to take their relationship a little farther, go to the next level. They decided that they would begin having sex. They were safe about it for a while; making sure protection was used each and every time. It wasn’t before to long when they thought, they could get by without using protection. Being risky didn’t affect them for a while; in fact nothing happened to them until their junior year was just about over. I t was early April when Lisa told her boyfriend James that she was a month late. Lisa was shocked and didn’t know what to do, she was not positive if she was pregnant or not. James thought she should take a pregnancy test before they would get the parents involved. The time came for Lisa to find out if the tiny white applicator shown a positive or a negative sign. Nervously she grabbed her boyfriend's hand and picked up the applicator in the other, slowly they looked down and saw a positive sign; Lisa became pregnant at the age of 17.

Although Lisa was pregnant, she did not tell her parents right away because she knew of other options and abortion was top on her list. Lisa knew that there are many forms of abortion the most common of all is Suction Aspiration, this is when they take a powerful vacuum tube with a sharp cutting edge an insert it into the women. The suction then rips apart the body of the baby, and sucks out the blood, amniotic fluid, tissue, and other body parts. There is also an injection called Methotrexate witch attacks the cells surrounding the embryo. The embryo is then deprived of food, oxygen, and eventually dies. Several days later Misoprostel is injected to trigger the expulsion of the embryo. This expulsion may not occur for as long as eight weeks. Dilation and Evacuation is when the doctor takes forceps to rip away pieces of developing body and remove them from the womb. During this procedure often times the skull will be crushed because it has already hardened. Dilation and Curettage is similar to Dilation Evacuation but this time they insert a looped shaped steel knife to cut the fetus from the placenta. Prostglandins, is another injection that speeds up birthing hormones. This then causes the baby to be born prematurely and often times the baby is still alive. Saline Amniocentesis, better known as salt poisoning is when a doctor takes a needle and injects into the abdomen, 50-50ml of amniotic liquid is removed. This is then replaced with concentrated salt that burns away and deteriorates the baby’s skin. Within three days the mother gives birth to a dead burned baby. Hystrotomy is usually performed if other forms of abortion were unsuccessful. Incisions are made in the abdomen, and the baby, placenta and amidic sac are removed. All of these abortions take place within the first couple of months of pregnancy, so if Lisa were to choose abortion she would have to act fast before it could no longer be an option.

If Lisa decided she wanted to keep the baby and then later decides she is not able to take care of the baby, Infanticide better known as Partial Birth Abortion is another option Lisa may take. Partial Birth Abortions are performed on an enfant that is just about ready to come out of the womb, that’s right these are fully developed babies being removed form the womb as late as 7 1/5 months. What this means is 4 pound babies with fully developed body parts are being taken out of the womb. These babies have a fully developed brain, lungs, legs, arms, 5 fingers and toes, and a visible heartbeat. This is when a baby is baking in the oven just waiting for the mother to bring it into the world. Many people do not know that Partial Birth Abortions are legal and that thousands of women come to this cruel and mutilating option every year. You may ask, how come American government would let this happen? The answer is many people believe that this sort of thing does not occur in the U.S. because it sounds so barbaric, or the people speaking out about Partial Birth Abortion, have a sick and twisted mentality like Peter Singer, the leading man in charge of Infanticide who believes that, “Very often it’s not wrong to kill a child once it’s left the womb. Simply killing an infant is never equivalent to killing a person.” Or maybe they side with Senator Barbara Boxer who stated, “A baby isn’t a baby until you’ve taken that child home from the hospital.” So why would America stand for something so inhumane as this? Because of all the misconceptions about the topic, many people believe it is rare and the reason they do this is to save the mother from dying. America’s leading authority on late term abortion stated that Partial Birth abortion is “Never necessary to preserve a women’s health.”

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Although Lisa may not care what has happens to her child because she feels that one of these operations might create for her a great sense of relief because to her a big problem would be solved. Before Lisa chooses to go through one of these operations, she should know some of the side effects which may occur. With injections women may often times experience nausea, lots of pain, diarrhea and increased chances of cancer, anemia, lung disease and cardiovascular complications. Concentrated salt injections cause severe hemorrhage, cervical injuries or side effects to the nervous system such as seizures and coma. Any tearing or cutting can cause punctures in the cervix causing extremely high blood loss. All of these procedures may also cause complications of later pregnancies and not to mention psychological trauma for years.

I’m sure Lisa has never wondered what happens to the fetus when it has been removed from the mother. Why would she, she probably thought they just got rid of them by throwing them away discarding them in the trashcan to be forgotten forever. Besides that, why would she care about something that she never wanted in the first place? It’s only a little person any way, it really doesn’t have a say, right? Well to sadly say, Partial Birth Abortions are leading baby parts to be sold on the black market for profit. That’s right; babies that have been aborted are being dissected sometimes still alive and sold piece by piece. These babies’ bodies are wanted for bone marrow, spinal columns and brains as well. Every single part of those little bodies can be sold for some price. Baby body parts being sold on the black market, is just one of the horrors that go on at some of these abortion clinics. The media will occasionally do a report on how some abortion doctor’s rape and abuse their patients but the media is not telling how often theses horrible acts of crime are being committed. There is an alarming rate of young women who are being raped and sexually assaulted while going through an abortion every year.

With so many other options, why is it that so many women chose to have abortions? Perhaps, they feel ashamed of what has happen to them and this is the fastest means to an end. Abortion seems to be very immoral, women are not thinking that they are taking a life away; I would think that they would be more ashamed of taking an innocent life away then admitting that they messed up and take responsibility for what they have done. Adoption is always an option, you may think that sounds cruel but, what’s worse killing a innocent child or giving the baby to someone that will be able to provide that child with every thing they will ever need in life. If you don’t want to be in Lisa’s position, then don’t play Russian roulette with a responsibility you may not ready for. Remember that abstinence is always a risk free game

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