Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christianity in the Matrix

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Themes of Christianity have been used numerous times in movies and stories, but in the Matrix, Christianity is given a new age feel. The plot of the Matrix is that there is one human being, Neo, who will come to destroy the Matrix and free mankind, which can be compared to Jesus of the Christianity religion very thoroughly. Also every hero in a movie is helped along the way through his journey or goal. In the Matrix Neo has many friends that help him but in the end, Trinity is the one that helps him when he needs it most. Trinity in the Matrix can be compared to the Trinity in Christianity terms, what is known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Cypher in the Matrix is a lot like Judas in biblical times. Cypher betrays Neo by telling the agents where Neo is just like Judas said to the soldiers from the high priest about where Jesus was.

Neo is an anagram for the “one”. Neo is believed to be the saviour of humankind because it was foretold by the Oracle, just as Jesus is the Messiah, the one, “who is suppose to come”, because he paid the ultimate price. He lived the perfect live and so was able to die for our sins and give us the promise of eternal life in heaven. He must destroy the Matrix to save mankind by defeating the agents, who are sentient programs designed to destroy the renegade humans. Neo is also addressed as Mr. Anderson, Swedish for Andrew’s son. “Anderson” comes from Greek root “andr”, meaning man, so Anderson means “Son of man”. Neo’s birth, being reborn again, is him being rescued from the Matrix. Neo awakens and finds himself in a womb-like pod. He unplugs himself from umbilical-cord-like cables and slides down a tube, which can be seen as the birth canal. So further more, Neo’s emergence into the new world almost literally a virgin birth, just as Jesus Christ. Neo being brought up from the refuse tank of Morpheus’s ship can be seen as a baptism, just a Jesus was by john the Baptist. Neo sacrifices his life for Morpheus, just as Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many. Neo is tempted by the agents to betray Morpheus, just as Jesus was by the Devil in the Desert for 40 days. Neo also dies and comes back to life just as Jesus did on the third day following his death in his resurrection. Jesus is also the savior of mankind because paid the ultimate price. He lived the perfect live and so was able to die for our sins and give us the promise of eternal life in heaven.

Trinity in the Matrix is a guide or a mentor to Neo, because she has had to go through the same sort of stuff Neo is going through, and she also saves his life, just as the Trinity saves our lives, letting us live eternally in heaven and being a mentor, letting us know that we need no worries because it will be taken care of. Trinity saves Neo’s life in the Matrix when he has been shot at and killed, but is restored to life by Trinity’s kiss. Neo is restored to life by the faith and love of Trinity, which is not only supported by Christian parallelism but by internal evidence in the movie, such as the Oracle’s prophecy and the Oracle’s statement that Neo was waiting for something, “maybe a next Life”. Cypher in the Matrix is perceived to be a helper or a friend of Neo just as Judas was to Jesus. Cypher gave the agents all the information they wanted as long as he got something back in return, which was to be returned back into the matrix as a rich and successful man. Cypher was tired of the life he was living. He didn’t think knowing truth and living in the real world was worth it. He also didn’t want to have any memory of what he knew about the real world. Cypher didn’t believe in Neo, that he was the one, because if he did he wouldn’t have done what he did. Judas, who is one of the twelve disciples, was confronted by a mob of the leading priest wanting to know where Jesus is to crucify him, for committing blasphemy. Judas gave them all they wanted for 0 silver coins, and so they found Jesus and arrested him, and got him ready for crucifixion.

It is uncertain that the producers of this movie meant to endorse the characters in various religious symbols, but it is also no accident that the movie was released on Easter weekend. The Matrix can be betrayed with Christian parallelism in many ways, but it also can be quite perpendicular by having many references that contradict its Christianity symbolism. There maybe or may not be a real answer to if the Matrix was indeed purposely made parallel with Christian believes and symbols, but you can be the judge of that.

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