Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chronic Disease

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Chronic diseases such as diabetes are the greatest health challenge for Australian’s in the 19st centaury. For people living with often a debilitating chronic disease, it is a daily struggle and many Australian’s have to cope with one or more chronic health condition. It is estimated around million Australian’s have a chronic illness and there is clear evidence that learning the skills to self manage these conditions assist people to lead an active and emotionally satisfying life.

Chronic illness is the irreversible presence, accumulation or latency of disease states or impairments that involve the total human environment for supportive care and self-care, maintenance of function and prevention of further disability. The nurse’s role in caring for patients with chronic illness involves recognising not only the complexity of their disorder, but also in understanding the person’s lived experience of their illness and it’s impact on the lives of the individual. This requires the nurse to have insight into how the patient perceives his or her illness, and how he or she responds to it, as well as having a thorough knowledge of the psychological and physiological stressors of the disease entity.

 The self perception/self concept functional health pattern allows us to perceive chronic illness from the patient’s point of view and identify ways that nurses can intervene to minimise associated problems. By analysing components of the health pattern, it becomes apparent how feelings regarding the illness can impact illness itself. Diamond and Jones, identify the response to chronic illness as clinical, personal and social.

The self perception/self concept pattern has been defined by Gordon as the pattern which “includes the individuals attitudes about himself or herself, perception of abilities… body image, identity, general sense of worth, and general emotional pattern”. Components of the self perception/self-concept pattern include fear, anxiety, panic, depression, low self-esteem, body image disturbances and personal identity disturbance (Gordon).

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