Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Indian History

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Indians are very unique and well developed in there history. Alot can be learnt by the indian people. Indians were one of the most civilised countries in the 1600s and had magnificent artworks and houses. One of the well-known temples is India is of Buddah. Hinduism is one of the main religions in India, and so is Muslim.

Indians are very fun loving and caring people. Everyone can learn from there culture and unique ways. The dots on a mothers forehead in hinduism is a very smart method. Among the Indians that are good, there are bad Indians. However there are both good and bad stereotypes in every country, so this cannot be avoided.

Gold and trade is important in India and It can be a great tourist attraction. Apu from the Simpsons is from India, however not all Indians act in that manner. In fact 1 in 10000 would act like that. I really do enjoy walking through the streets of India, and It can be a great learning experience for any person. India sells great food and clothing and has magnificent temples and statues. Most statues are made out of Gold and Bronze however there are a few stone ones, like Egypt.

Egypt is a very fascinating country also. They have had alot of archaeologists there, which is very good. Egypt has magnificent temples and pyramids and sphinxs. However Egypt isnt all sand, it is a very well developed City also and has quite a large population. However India has a bigger population.

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