Friday, October 28, 2011

Medical Issues

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Therapy Spurs Growth of Blood Vessels, Harvard Health Letter, p. 4-5, 18.

I. Research has been done to prove that therapy can be the start of growth of blood vessels and may be able to help those with are suffering from heart disease. Some experts believe that angiogenic growth factors may become a treatment for people whose arteries are too small.

II. German researchers performed an investigation and injected a protein called FGF-1 in the arteries of 0 men and women during bypass surgery. Three months later, the x-rays showed that small vessels sprouted out at the injection site. Three years later none of these patients had any side effects. These patients blood flow increased just a bit. They are concerned about the angionesis; if the injection were put into the heart the cells may become cancerous.

III. The research still continues to determine if the injection is safe for the heart. This field of study is moving quickly.

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Liebman, Bonnie, Preventing Prostate Cancer, Nutrition Action Health Letter, Jul/Aug 2001.

I. Prostate Cancer has been around for ages and researchers have been trying to find out why the mortality rate is so high in the U.S that it is in China and other countries.

II. The National Cancer Institute is doing a ten year trial on ,1000 men to determine if selenium and Vitamin E supplements will decrease the amount of prostate cancer throughout the U.S. We lose so many lives each year due to prostate cancer and the researchers want to do everything to find a cure to save some lives. Some of the studies say that Vitamin E may help protect from this disease. Three other studies that were performed found that alpha tocopherol lower the risk of this disease in smokers only.

III. No one really knows the cure or the answer to help protect Americans for prostate cancer. The research will continue for years until the mortality rate decrease tremendously.

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