Friday, October 21, 2011

The Oldest Child

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The Oldest Child

I am the oldest of five children with parents who worked full time. I have three sisters and one brother of whom I am very proud. They depended on me for daily preparation for school and looked up to me for supervision while our parents were not home. My personality developed through responsibility, assertiveness, and organization as a result of being the oldest child.

It was my responsibility to get my siblings ready for school, and to prepare their snacks after school. I was also obligated to walk them home from the bus stop after school. It was impressed upon me to make sure that they stayed out of trouble. My parents were gone so much of the day, so I attended to most every need of my younger siblings.

There were times that I would need to protect them from each other or unkind children, which formed my assertiveness. It was not long before most of the children in our neighborhood looked up to me. My siblings were also quite impressed by my confidence. The self-reliance that I possess comes from genetics from my father. My father and his side of the family are naturally bold in the way that they speak and now it is one of my favorite traits.

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My mother expected our house to stay tidy and orderly while she was at work. My organizational skills developed through planning who cleaned what specific room at a particular time. My siblings were remarkably helpful in this endeavor. They kept their rooms neat and I took care of the main rooms. Dinner was prepared and cooked by my younger sisters and myself. Our childhood home remained on a schedule that ran smoothly.

With both of our parents working full time jobs the foremost duties in our home was left up to me. Due to the daily preparations and supervision of my siblings, I obtained a personality of responsibility, assertiveness and organization. Although it may sound as if I had a number of obligations for a child, I am very thankful for who I am today.

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