Friday, October 7, 2011

Personal Essay

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Can you imagine a world based around scientific equations or every answer being referred to the periodic table? At every meal, or every person you see, the conversation would revolve around the same topic. “Did you find the velocity for how long it would take a ball to drop?” What if science were a bore to you? How would survive with that lifestyle? Science can be diverse, because it’s branched out into four main groups (biology, chemistry, physics and botany.) But in the end, how long can you talk about the chemical reaction of hydrogen and sulfur when they are mixed together? The arts are branched out into categories as well, only there are more groups you are able to explore. From English to acting, from being a poet to a world-renown classical musician, art gives you the chance to explore more creativity rather than science. In science, everything is straight-forward and logical, whereas in the arts, you use the left side of your brain more. Some people do enjoy being logical and it is acceptable in today’s society, but if everyone was like that, where can you get a variety of thoughts and opinions to strike up a good conversation? The arts are able to help you with this. You can easily debate the fall of Macbeth and everyone is able to have their opinion and still be right (as long as they can support their decision) but it is impossible to debate the equation of cellular respiration or photosynthesis. I believe that creativity is what makes an individual. No two people in the world can sketch the exact same, or be able to write in the exact same style (sure there are many writers who write the same genre of books, but the style they write in is very different). Personally, I am grateful for the arts. Science is far to logical and extremely difficult for me to understand, whereas the arts I excel in because I can use the creativity to find answers and be able to express my inner self through this wave length. Without creativity, I would be bored to tears. I have more respect for teachers in the arts because they are able to use creativity more in their concepts and ideas and it rubs off onto the students in a way that they can understand and are able to learn what is going on. Science teachers are creative as well, but not to the extent that the teachers in the arts are because in the end, they (science teachers) have to get to the main point of the lesson in what is being taught. In the arts, you can go on for hours about Oedipus or King Lear because you learn something new every time you read the book or find someone else who has studied the plays, because they interpret a series of events that may have happened differently. Creativity is a way that the world revolves around. You are able to express more, learn more and find out more about your inner self. Without creativity, how could one survive?

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