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Power, Precision, and Performance all in one

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Society's view on cars has greatly changed from the time the first car rolled off the assembly line until the current day, where cars and trucks are a necessity in everyday life. Everywhere a person can look, there is something to do with automobiles; On every television channel, in every magazine, and of course, down every street in down - there is something to do with vehicles. One type of automobile that is starting to become prominent is the sport utility vehicle, also known as the SUV. Sports utility vehicles are becoming popular because of the way they are being advertized promoting beauty, power, luxury, and performance. Advertisements for the automobiles of today dont always focus on just one idea. As I was flipping through channels on the television, I noticed that most car commercials, especially ones trying to sell sports utility vehicles, tend to focus toward viewers looking for something masculine, or powerful. All sports utility vehicles come equipped with powerful engines, and big bodies almost every man would love to sit behind the wheel of, looking over the road like nothing else was there, imagining it was just he and the open country side waiting to be explored. Advertisers are trying to emanate the feeling of that open road through a simple piece of paper, or thirty-second showing on the television. On the other hand, in magazines, such at Time or Life, the advertisements arent always directed toward rugged outdoors men, some are directed toward families, or businessmen. In a 1 Lincoln navigator ad from Time, businessmen were the targets, the claimed Very Serious./Serious.. On the page, there was a picture of the SUV that was being marketed, with a well dress man in a suit and tie, looking proud.

Safety, another key element to the typical consumer, is publicized in these advertisements, making the focus of the ad families. As SUVs were becoming more and more popular, a lot of questions arose about how easily and SUV would capsize. In a Volvo advertisement I ran across the entire ad was covering its new anti-roll technology, you think of how accidents occur, how everything happens so fast, how you can create anti-roll technology that reacts even faster, you think about that. This blurb was promoting the new safety features in a Volvo XC0, the only other ad I found that was announcing its new protection details was for a Mercedes-Benz M-Class. The only bold words on the M class promotion were, Security. Unlike any other, while at the bottom in little print it claims You just feel more confident in an M-Class. With eight air-bags and an Electronic Traction System, it can weather whatever the elements serve up. Safety and performance in vehicles tend to go hand in hand, as what a buyer looks at.

The road to the office and the road to your sons little league game are very much like the road of life. Pitfalls, detours, potholes, cracks and bumps. We have the solution. The 17 Mercury Mountaineer. This excerpt was surrounded by pictures of street signs, potholes, cracks, and bumps, all on everyday roads like the ones we drive on. As the ad states take the rough with the smooth, above the excerpt it is implying that this SUV will glide over all of those everyday road problems as if they dont exist. SUVs of today are designed to perform to any expectations, including long winding roads, rocky valley, and all other types of off-road excursions, but they are also built for the twists and turns for urban driving. Make that Move . . . in and out and around urban traffic in your all-new, totally redesigned GMC Yukon. It can dip into a curve and maneuver twists and turns with surprising agility. A tighter turning radius , wider stance and improved suspension make this full-sized SUV remarkably easy to handle . . . With all the performance advancements SUVs have as a standard, the target audience of almost any of their ads, is whoever picks up the ad and looks at it, no matter what magazine its in. The ads almost never feature people in them, leaving the car and words as what to focus on, not who the target audience is supposed to be.

The last characteristic of sports utility vehicles that I wanted to discuss was power, not only towing power, but speed also. Almost every person looking to buy a vehicle in todays society is looking for power, zero to sixty in only a few seconds is common to see in almost any car ad! For SUVs it was a little different, I did not see anything about zero to sixty, but I saw that in most of the advertisements it explained how much it could pull or how much horse power it had. The Ford Expedition, for example, states Best-In-Class Towing Properly equipped 4x tows four tons. If that isnt bragging about power, I don'[t know what is!

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Sports utility vehicles are a growing innovation in the present day society, a society brimming with power, precision, and performance. These vehicles are made to go beyond the call of duty no matter what it is they are asked to do. Be it hauling lumber, riding the trails, or just maneuvering thought everyday traffic, a sports utility vehicle was meant for the job. All of those aspects of what an SUV can do, is whats being used to attract readers toward an ad. The power advertized is equal to that of a truck in the similar size category, but SUVs are also meant for multiple passengers, which is what I believe is making them so popular in today culture.

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