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I chose the country of Scotland. The reason I chose it is because my dad use to live there and my families been there lots of times. My family also originated from Scotland, so I think it would be fun to go on a trip and visit. I am going to Scotland during the summer, because it is really cold in the winter. Also I don’t have to miss school when I go during the summer.


I had to go and get a passport. I just flew in from the airport last night. Today is my first day in Scotland and I am going to Edinburgh, the capital. I spent the day in Edinburgh. It was way cool I went the biggest arts festival in the world. They had music and entertainment all night and day. I listened to a band from Germany, they were real good. There were lights all over so it looked awesome at night. It’s cool because it has an old fashion kind of look but it’s really modernized with new and fun things. There are huge old looking castles all over the place. And grassy green hills. I also love the peoples accents, they makes me laugh. It was a great first day

Today I went and visited Edinburgh Castle. It’s 100 feet above the city of Edinburgh, so it is a great view of everything. The castle was over 400 years old and it was still standing and looking great. What I thought was really interesting was that the castle has been used for many different things like holding Scotland’s records, is been a refuge of Scottish kings when they were kids, and also a prison. I just thought that was cool that they used the castle for such a wide variety of things. They also told us cool stories about how the castle was attacked by Edward the 1 of England in 1291 then recaptured in 1314. The tour guide also took us to a huge bedroom that Mary Queen lived in, while she was there she gave birth to James VI. I really enjoyed the castle and all of its weird and crazy stories that happened to it.

I went and visited the Haggis head pub and theater. It was an interacting theater with the audience as well as the performers. While I was there they were doing Robby Burns poems. I found that Robby is a famous poet through out the land of Scotland and all Haggis feasts. Two of my favorite poems were, 1st “On yonder hill there stood a coo he’s no there knew, he must have shifted.” 2nd is “Some hae meat and cana eat and some can eat but hae no meat. But we hae meat and we can eat, so noo the lord we thank thee.” I thought the first poem was funny, But I didn’t understand the second one, I just thought it sounded cool. He was a really funny guy. They had some great food. I didn’t know what half of it was that I was eating. So well see how I’m feeling in the morning.

Today I decided I would go for a hike. I went west of Glasgow to climb Bin Lomand. I realized that it is the second highest mountain in all of Scotland. Second only to Bin Nevas. Bin Lomand overlooks the beautiful Loch of Loch Lomand. That is where the famous song of “you take the high road, and I'll take the low road, and all get to Scotland afore ye, for me and my wee lass will never meet again on the Bonnie, Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. It was a great view from up there, you could see everything. Everything looked really beautiful and green in the valleys. But there was still snow on the mountain where I was standing.

I was really tired from walking so I decided to go shopping today. I went to the St. Andrews Woolen Mills. They had everything you can think of. They had knitted sweaters made from Angora wool. They also had cool ties made from every clan available. And since I am a Mackintosh I looked through the different tartans they had for Mackintosh. I bought the red dress tartan and a green hunting tartan and also the green ancient hunting tartan. It looks the same as the modern hunting. Although it appears to be faded. I bought 7 yards of the Mackintosh hunting tartan and took it back to a kilt maker on princess street. He said there was no way he could have it done before I left on my trip, so I gave him my address and he said he ship it to me. The woolen mills also sell many sheep products, such as leather and wool jackets and gloves.

Someone told me of a great place I could go. And it sounded really interesting. Its called Loch ness. I was amazed by all the people just standing along the edge of the lake. I soon found out what they were all looking at, “Nessie”. The Loch Ness monster. They say it’s a huge serpent. And swims in the lake. I thought it sounded kinda cheesy. But there sure were a lot of people that believed it. There were also little booths all over with things being sold about the monster. I bought one thing, It’s a little sliver statue in five parts that you put on a solid surface and then it looks like its swimming. Well Overall I don’t know what all of those people were looking at, because the whole time I was there I dint see anything.

For my final day I decided that I would go and visit St Andrews, “The home of golf”. Even though I hate golf all of the people that I talked to said it didn’t matter and that it would be a very good place to go. I found that golf originated in Scotland and started her. The scotts invented the game over 1400 years ago. They had sponsors to help pay for the maintenance of the golf course. Well as you know now golf is a very popular sport in the U.S. (If your not athletic and really boring) and it all originated here. They have a museum on the golf course with lots of information, and lots of pictures of professional golfers that have played there. Well the trip is now over and I enjoyed it.

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