Friday, October 7, 2011

Television Talk Shows

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Talk Shows

Talk shows come in all sorts of varieties. There are some that focus on improving yourself, some on the hardships that people have survived. Others focus on relationship problems or who slept with who’s brother’s sister’s wife… The particular one that I watched the other day was exploring the paternity results of mothers that didn’t know exactly who had fathered their child(ren). No matter what the topic, people are drawn to talk shows. They enjoy watching the sometimes comical antics that happen on some shows, and sharing heartfelt moments on other shows. We are just curious by nature and love to see what’s going on in other people’s lives.

While watching the paternity results show I found myself stereotyping the women that were on the show. Thinking that they must be some really “sad” and “low-life” people to get themselves into situations where they don’t know who the daddy of their children is. I know the small amount of stereotyping I did in my mind while watching the show is probably what most of America thinks while watching these shows. And the producers of the shows have to know that too… But they still book show after show of paternity type cases because for some reason society likes watching these people.

It is interesting that the girls that are on these shows don’t appear to be embarrassed that they are in the situation they are in. They seem to like to be there in the spotlight. They shed a few tears in frustration about the man that they think is the daddy saying he isn’t, and then they celebrate when they were right or cry when they were wrong. But rarely do they show that they are embarrassed about what they did in order to need a paternity test.

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The producers of the shows with the wild topics are taking advantage of these people. They know the wildest, weirdest things are what get the ratings up, so they book them on the shows. These wild topics are usually talking about things that the guests should not be proud to be involved in. Most of the time the producers book the shows and put on the shows without regard to the people’s feelings that are going to be hurt by the results of the paternity tests, or hearing that their best friend is cheating on them with their husband. They are exploiting the misfortune of others, rather than offering them help. After giving the girls the paternity results, why not offer up some birth control advice, advice about sleeping around and how dangerous that is with all the STDs in the world around us. Or maybe they stereotype their own guests thinking to themselves that if they are stupid enough to be in this situation, then maybe they don’t need any help or advice from us… Just let them tell their story and give them some paternity results and watch the ratings stay up.

As society continues to stay curious about other’s people’s lives, especially those with lots of gossipy drama in them, producers of talk shows will continue to serve them up for us daily on the talk show circuit.

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