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Tupac was one of the most influential rapper’s of hip-hop history. He devoted his life to rap and died defending it. He has always been known for the poetic truth in his music. Not only was he a singer but he was also an accomplished actor and poet. He has always been the artist I wished I could have meet, with his physical charm and demeanor he drew the public to him and the press with his hard to beet rap sheet. But the one true reason I chose Tupac for my research project is because not only did I look up to him for making something of himself as all the forces pulled against him like being raised in a family of poverty, but because no matter how hard things got he didn’t throw his hands up in the air and say I give up.

I didn’t really know much about Tupac before I started this project, but I did know how much he struggled to get to the top and that’s just where he was when he died, on the top. I knew simple things about him like his birth day and that he had he has 10 CD’s out. I knew I loved how he always sang of the truth and kept it real for all his fans. He wanted to die a legend. He knew if he kept putting himself out there and stayed true to his fans he would be returned by love and die being loved. I don’t know if he knew how many questions would be asked about his death or so many theories would be accompanied by his death but I know he did die a legend.

Although I learned a lot from this project, it seemed as though every time I found an answer to one of my questions it just brought up another question. Like when I found out it was illegal for a press to take pictures of an autopsy it just led me to trying to find out who it was in the published picture of his autopsy picture then.

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