Saturday, October 15, 2011

Violence on the Increase

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Over the years there has been an almost steady increase in violence and with each passing day it seems to be getting worst. Everyday we read about or see violence taking place. Some people will say that this is our destiny to become a society gripped by war and violence and that divine intervention is our only cure but I say that if we all play our own small part we can reverse this negative trend that seems to be plaguing society today.

First let us take a look at the home front after all it is here that our basic education begins. From a very young age some of us have been exposed to violence in one way or another, this stems from either seeing our parents in heated arguments which in some cases are so bad that they turn into physical confrontations because no one parent is willing to compromise which gives rise to the question. If my parents can’t get along with each other why do I need to get along with others? This negative chain of thought is then brought out of the household and into society in general and in some cases leads to violent clashes between people. Parents must realize the role they play in molding the youth of society and they should seek a peaceful solution in their own personal conflicts so that there kids will do the same.

Education is another key factor in reversing this negative trend because children spend at least half of their waking day at school and again here we are taught the other fundamentals of life both inside and outside of the classroom. It is in this forum that we could introduce counseling programs as a part of our school’s curriculum, anger management, how to deal with peer pressure and how to react and deal with volatile situations. Violence should be our last solution and not our first.

Discipline also could play a vital role in reversing this outbreak of violence because at present it seems to be lacking in the home, the schools and our society in general. We react first because the average person knows that he could get away with almost anything. At home some children are allowed to do anything, watch movies suitable for adults, curse and hang out at all hours In schools only senior teachers or principals are allowed to discipline children and even this is done the teachers have to live in fear of that student’s parent(s) coming to the school to fight. What message are we sending to our youth? We need to send a message that when you do wrong there is a price to pay. Proper supervision must take place so as to insure that the right values are being installed in the youth. Likewise in our laws we need to send a strong message to repeat offenders that they can’t continuously be involved in acts of violence and walk away with only a slap on the wrist, the court’s needs to send some of these offenders to jail for a long time so that they would know that their ignorance will not be tolerated and that if they can’t abide by the law they will have to face the consequences.

Yes, violence has been on the increase but if are able to remove violence from the homes, try out reach and educational programs and install discipline back into our society it will help to reverse the trend. As a society we need to realize that violence does not solve anything but only causes unnecessary bloodshed pain and tears. In violence there are no winners let us all play our part in whatever way to change this present cycle.

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