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Most of the films listed below are available in Trexler Library and, if not on reserve, can be checked out. I have tried to add links and/or synopsis that will help you identify the subject matter of the film. Dr. McRay

The Year of Living Dangerously [In processing at Trexler Library]
See scenes and cast members at Peter Weir’s website

From the publisher’s note In the year 1865 the god-King Sukarno has brought Indonesia to the brink of chaos. Engulfed in the violence are Guy Hamilton, a Western journalist; Billy Kwan, his Chinese-Australian cameraman; and Jill Bryant. Kwans disillusionment with his hero Sukarno propels him to commit a desperate act, and a complex drama of loyalty and betrayal is played out in the eye of the political storm. The movie made from Kochs compelling novel directed by Peter Weir and starring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver--was a major critical and commercial success for MGM and is still a popular modern classic.

Hollywood epic of an epic life starring Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver and Sir John Gielgud..Effective in capturing the tensions during the end of Pax Britannica and calls for India home rule amid severe internal divisions of the Indian Subcontinent.

Steven Spielberg does a superb job of capturing the events leading up to the young British boy who is separated from his parents as the Japanese invade China where his parents were stationed in the British embassy. The young boy is captured and put into a Japanese internment camp meeting others as equally confused as he about where he is and how he got there.

Features Dennis Quaid as the Irish-American man wed to a Japanese-American woman right before WWII breaks out and the internment of she and her family in internment camps in the US. Raises many questions about the place of civil liberties and human rights during war.

Chronicle of a Disappearance

From the library summary Provides a personal mediation on what it means to be Palestinian. Examines the effect of the political impasse in the Middle East on the identity of the Palestinian People.

A year ago no one had heard of a female being used as a suicide this film a young girl examines her motives and finds a big psychological divide as she contemplates her fate.

Sometimes referred to as the School for Assassins the training school in Georgia is the subject of this short discussion by a former instructor about why it should be shut down.

From Bullfrog Films this documentary traces the plight of refuges from Sierra Leone and Liberian refugees in Guinea and measure the efforts of the government and UNHR to protect refugee rights.

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