Thursday, December 8, 2011

Future of Television

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From a giant box with the two projecting antennas to the present figurine looking flat screens; from black and white to colour pictures; from one channel viewing to a choice among hundreds of channels. The ‘idiot box’ has truly evolved. But is this just the beginning?

With the technology evolving faster than the eyes blink, our present television sets could soon find itself a place in the history. The recent shift in television is from analog transmission to digital transmission. Interactive TV’s are emerging rapidly. You might click on the screen and buy the shirt the star of your favorite show is wearing or your children could interact with educational programs that adapt to their individual learning ability. Replay TV and TiVo are simplified digital-recording components that do away with videotape and allow viewers to replay moments in shows airing live. So if the phone rings during that pivotal scene in “Friends”, you can pause the device, talk on the phone, and come back to pick up with the show precisely where you paused. Replay TV actually has a quick skip button to edit commercials out - so you watch the commercials you like to watch.

With the combination of virtual reality, television viewing is bound to enhance. Instead of watching the shows or movies on the screen, you will now feel that you are a part of that show. You could see the people around you laughing, clapping booing, and just incase if it gets too crowded there, all you need to do is switch off your television. Future technology could actually stimulate your senses also. When watching a horror serial, your senses could be stimulated to make you feel more petrified, making the viewing more complete.

The future possibility and trends in television is enormous. Television will not only provide complete entertainment but also make you a part of it.

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