Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Dinomania' by Steven J. Gould

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'Dinomania' by Steven J. Gould

Steven J. Gould, the author of “Dinomania”, is faced with two question why are children so fascinated with dinosaurs and why now and not before? He would like to believe that it is due to the result of research by paleontologists, including himself. However, Gould cannot fail to notice that the sudden enthrallment in dinosaurs is parallel to the recent release of films such as Jurassic Park and the “accompanying publicity machines”.

Gould recognizes the scientific aspect of the film of which the audiences are unaware. We watch the film and are entertained. On the other hand, Gould is perturbed by the inaccuracy in the facts. As a scientist he cannot help but notice every detail in the film that deals with genetics and DNA. Jurassic Park, as with nearly all films, was made purely for entertainment. According to Gould, the filmmakers put most of their effort in creating the dinosaurs “in the most accurate and realistic manner” and practically disregarded the story line. He states “Unfortunately, the plot line for human actors has been reduced to pap and drivel of the worst kind.”

The recent “Dinomania” has filled Gould with mixed feelings. “As a paleontologist, I could not possibly feel more ambivalent about the result-marveling and cursing, laughing and moaning.” People are finally showing interest in dinosaurs yet it is not due to the endless research and effort of scientists. The audience is lured by the “big, fierce and extinct” creatures that are so convincingly, yet inaccurately, depicted in recent “blockbuster” films.

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