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Lure of Dewdrop Pond

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Jenny Larson

The Lure of Dewdrop Pond

There are many features that attract me to a natural outdoor setting and Dewdrop Pond is just that. Even though Dewdrop Pond was man-made due to drainage problems it is still aesthetically appealing to me. For some, the awareness that a natural setting is man-made can distort and take away the effect of beauty underlying the setting. I am quite sure that the creator or creator’s of Dewdrop Pond considered this carefully while making plans for the construction of the pond. The construction would have include features that would help the pond area to eventually seem as if it were always a part of the landscape. The whole conglomeration of features that were appealing to me gave me feelings of ease, pleasure, and relief.

The feelings I experienced varied at different times of day while visiting the pond. Early afternoon evoked more of a happy and delightful experience and mid evening summoned an especially relaxing and soothing feeling. While visiting the pond one afternoon, the sun was shining bright, there was a beautiful breeze carrying the fresh scent of water and trees, and the squirrels were frolicking on the landscape chasing each other up and down the trunk of a tree. The early afternoon is usually a busy part of the day for me and to be able to visit a pond or lake of some sort is an excellent way to enjoy a break from the hassles of my somewhat chaotic life. In the evening, the sunshine mellowed, the air was a little cooler, the birds started to chirp, numerous amounts of ducks came out to feed, and the trees and water were still. It was absolutely beautiful - it was as if I was being medicated with drugs, only I was being medicated with the peacefulness and tranquility of nature. It was so refreshing and relaxing to be outside enjoying the compliments of the landscape.

One of the most enjoyable compliments or features of a natural outdoor setting is a body of water. Where there is water there is life. Not only does water provide life but it also provides beauty and luster. The beauty and luster was displayed through the different textures on the surface waters. In the early part of the day there was a steady breeze creating a wrinkled effect. The wind produced tiny wrinkles that rose and fell steadily but quietly allowing sparkles to appear as the direct sunlight danced upon the undulating surface. During the evening, the water was much like a mirror. The east side of the pond was unruffled and serene as could be. I could see a crystal clear picture of the fading blue sky, the clouds, and the trees. It was as if I were lying down and looking up into the sky. The rhythm of my eye movement started at the surface of the water and slowly moved up the sky. The only movements that ruined the pure reflection of the sky were the ripples left behind from a ducks trail.

Another enjoyable feature included in the natural theme of the pond were the variations of colors and textures among the greenery. During the day, the alteration of green hues was more vibrant and noticeable. The leaves on some trees and bushes glistened more than others in the direct sunlight. In the evening, the trees appeared to be breathing easy and relaxed. For some reason, at this time of day I noticed the different textures among the trees and shrubs either on the island or around the perimeter of the pond. Some leaves were small to medium in size and some were medium to large in size. Despite these variations, I found that I mostly enjoyed the trees when the wind blew. It was completely satisfying to listen to the trees and shrubs whisper in the wind. While listening to the trees I would tip my head back, close my eyes direct my nose into the prevailing winds, and smell the fresh air. The sound of the wind and smell of fresh air intoxicated me and simply provoked me to smile.

Not only do all the natural features described above enchant me, but also the adornment of the arched bridge and the bench. The bridge removes a barrier between the perimeter of the pond and the island. It unites what once was separate and serves as a link. It is also an attractive vantage point to view the ducks and turtles below, and it allowed me to migrate from one area to another. After crossing the bridge there sits a bench. The bench serves as a resting place which allowed me to become one with the surrounding habitat. I can watch the ducks eat and listen to them communicate. I can watch and listen to all of the other birds occupying the area. I can admire the water and appreciate the contrast between the green trees and the blue sky. It was not difficult for me to relax and enjoy the fine things in a natural environment.

When I look at the whole picture of Dewdrop Pond, I saw many interdependent features including size, placement, and shape that completed the image portrayed. The pond is not too big nor is it too small. It fits the scale of the plot well. The placement of the pond looks natural because it sits at the bottom of a slope. The pond is round and symmetrical. There are asymmetrical aspects as well, such as the displaced island and the uneven scattered rocks and plants that blend well around the margin of the pond. This is to make the pond seem natural instead of man-made. The combination of each characteristic creates balance and organic unity within the habitat. If any plants, wildlife, or rocks were removed the result would be undesirable. I believe the desired result was to make Dewdrop Pond a natural and inherent part of the landscape, which in fact is what happened.

The natural atmosphere of Dewdrop Pond creates a sense of balance and stability, which are essential emotions I need in my life. These emotions help relax and put me at ease. The balance and stability of Dewdrop Pond is what lures me into its atmosphere. Dewdrop Pond touches a cord that allows me to put aside the everyday worries and stresses. It permits me to breathe a sigh of relief and just smile.

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