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Star Wars

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       A Current Affair News Show

1. The source for this text is a TV show that is on every night. The show is about current affairs that happen throughout the world. I have taped one of the current affairs on the show. The affair is about what goes on in one of Australia’s worst prisons.

The text shows explicit behavior, shows how the prison officers are treated and shows just how bad it is to be in prison. Everyday the prison officers find drugs, syringes and weapons. Weapons such as knives, tools, envelope openers and chains are found on a regular basis. The prison officers say that they are in a completely different world when they go to work. At home they have happy families and when they are at work they are fighting prisoners and constantly have to watch their back. The officers go through months of training before working at a prison.

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At the start of the story the composer uses a slow scary music to make the story suspenseful. Also when the reporter is standing outside of the prison you can hear a lot of yelling and gun shots. Using such sound effects make the story a lot more dramatic and realistic.

Another technique the reporter uses is a “hands on” technique. What this is meaning is that the reporter decided to become a prisoner for a one night and one day. During the night he had to sleep by himself in a little cell, and during the day he ate what a prisoner eats, which is a small meal full of mush and he also got tear gassed, because that is what they use on the prisoners in a violent situation. Using this technique is very realistic and shows exactly how prisoners and officers are treated.

This compares to Star Wars because when Luke Skywalker goes to fight the battle with Han Solo against Darth Vader he is in a completely different world to what he is used to. This is like the prison officer and prisoners. When they are in prison fighting it is a whole new world.

        Sunday Telegraph Newspaper Article

The source of the newspaper article is a newspaper. The title of the article is “ You’re Out” by Mathew Horan.

The article is about how Shane Warne has been banned from cricket for twelve months for taking a diuretic pill. The article goes on about how Shane Warne believes that his punishment is way too harsh and that he didn’t know that he was not meant to take that pill. Now that Shane Warne has been banned from cricket for twelve months he is going lose about two million dollars that he could have made by playing cricket. He is also losing his $400 000 ACB contract. Shane Warne’s life has completely changed. He has gone from being a professional cricket player that everybody loves to being a nobody, who everyone is disappointed with and not being able to play cricket. Shane Warne had been playing cricket for 15 years and it has been his whole career.

Some of the techniques used by the composer of the article are using a really big heading, e.g. “You’re Out” for the heading on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph. This technique is eye catching and also metaphorical. You’re out is used in cricket to say that your out of bating because someone got you out and to Shane Warne he is out of cricket because he took a diet pill.

Another technique used is lots and lots of quotes throughout the article. A lot of these quotes say that Shane’s penalty is way too harsh. By using this technique it makes Shane look like he is innocent and makes the article very factual.

This text relates to Star Wars in the same way that Shane Warne is doing the opposite to what Luke Skywalker is doing. Shane is going from being a hero to being a no-body and Luke Skywalker went from being a nobody to being a hero.

         Movie “Shine”

The movie 'Shine' was directed by Scott Hicks. The movie is about a young pianist who is incredibly talented at playing the piano. His father pushes and pushes him to become better at playing the piano. His father wants him to be the best. Halfway way through the movie while David Helfgott (the pianist) is playing the piano he has a nervous breakdown and passes out while playing a very hard piece of music. This changes his whole life because he cannot have a normal life which ruins his career. He then meets a women who helps him and then gets back on track.

Some of the techniques used in the movie is a lot of slow motion. This is down when he is playing the piano. By using this technique it creates a lot of tension and excitement.

Other techniques used in the movie are close up views. Close up views are used throughout the whole movie. Close ups are used to make the film more dramatic and makes everything focused on that particular subject and creates a tension throughout the scene.

Shine relates to the prescribed texts in the same way. David Helfgott’s world has completely changed in a physical way and mental way. David has become a completely different person which has changed his world. His perspective on life would be a lot different now and his thoughts and actions would be different as well. I believe that almost all the texts can relate to shine in one way or another.

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